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Is Mass Gainer Good For Muscle Growth?

Lean Muscle Gainer

Are you searching for the best supplements to gain lean muscle mass and weight without getting fat? Or looking for a supplement that helps you to bulk up then, mass gainer is the first choice that will help. Mass gainer works best for those who are skinny or trying to bulk up and want perfect beach body such as bulkier but muscular chest, arms, shoulders and thighs. It contains complex carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats that are for gaining weight, improves your lean muscle tone, strength and increase muscle growth. Not just that it also enhances your energy levels to boost up your performance and endurance, relieves muscle cramps, nourishes and strengthens your cardiac muscles.

Many people think that muscle gainer cannot help in muscle growth, but it does. However it totally depends upon the type of supplements you use. If you just bought a synthetic mass gainer because it is popular but contains some harmful ingredients and artificial color. So you are not caring your body right. When you consume it without reading out its label properly, it may impact your body by causing many health issues. That’s why it’s important to use herbal supplement for better results.

Who can include Mass Gainer Supplement in their Diet?

You can include mass gainer in your daily diet if you are in following category:

  • Regular gym-goers
  • Bodybuilders / Fitness Athlete
  • Seeking for muscle development
  • Want muscle repair and recovery
  • Skinny and want to increase his/her weight

Benefits of Lean Mass Gainer

As mentioned above Lean mass gainer supplements can help you gain weight and add muscle without getting fat and this is one of the best benefits of it. There are various ways to take this supplements but taking it in the form of capsules is best and convenient way. It also comes in different flavors but it is suggested to go for herbal ones as it does not contain any artificial coloring and flavor. So, whether you are a pro bodybuilder, fitness athlete or hard gainer mass gainers are extremely helpful for gaining muscle.

Benefits of Mass Gainer For Muscle Growth

1. Mass gainer helps to meet calorie needs

Without any doubt, mass gainers offer an easy way to meet calories need for weight gain typically for hard gainers. Mass gainer helps to surplus your calories. It fits just perfectly for you if you are struggling to meet your calorie needs without eating unhealthy junk foods. If you go to the gym then you should add lean muscle gainer as your workout in the gym cannot decide how your body will look later until you consume right amount of macronutrients. Therefore, Mass gainer helps tour body to get extra dose of calories without any fuss.

2. Mass gainers are good for muscle growth

It works best to build lean muscle mass and increase its growth day by day if consume regularly. Mass gainers help in muscle growth as it is a good source of extra calories, protein, fats and best for calorie surplus.

3. Help you to lift heavier

If you are bodybuilder who is focusing on nutrition and working out hard in the gym then it is important to include lean muscle gainer in your diet. It will help you to lift heavier by increasing muscle strength, endurance and energy level.

4. Best for fast recovery

Mass gainer consists of carbs, proteins and healthy fats that have some amino acids which synthesize muscle tissue. Thus, it helps to repair and recover muscles faster after an intense workout.

Side-effect of synthetic mass gainer

If your question is “Are mass gainers safe?” of course, the answer is yes, it is safe. However, it depends upon what type of Mass gainer you use i.e herbal or synthetic one. If you are using synthetic one then following are some side effects of mass gainers:

1. Upset stomach

It is found in many cases that synthetic mass gainers can cause digestive problems if you are food intolerant. You may experience flatulence, bloating, and cramps if you use it even in small quantity.

2. Allergies

Many mass gainers contain dairy or lactose that is intolerant for some people.

To avoid these side-effects, use herbal lean mass gainer.

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1. Is it okay if skinny guy use mass gainer?

Yes, it is totally okay. Mass gainer is best for skinny guys. It helps to surplus your calorie intake and ensures that you are consuming enough calories than you are burning.

2. Should I take mass gainer on regular basis?

Yes, you can take mass gainer for muscle growth on a regular basis. Even you can take gainer on those days when you don’t exercise, as it helps in meeting your daily nutritional needs.

3. Is it Okay to take mass gainer on empty stomach?

Yes, it is totally safe to take mass gainer on an empty stomach, but make sure you are using herbal ones as synthetic ones can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

4. Can I use mass gainer for muscle growth without gym?

Yes, you can use a mass gainer for muscle growth if you don’t go to the gym but it is better to do both things simultaneously for better results. If you don’t do that then you cannot know where that weight goes as it can be stored as fat. So, to gain lean muscle mass, it is significant to combine it with strength-training exercises.

5. Can mass gainers cause hair loss?

No, it cannot cause hair loss. Even it prevents hair loss in some people by providing the proper nutrition that you need to keep your hair strong and thick.

6. Is maintaining muscle easy?

Yes, maintaining muscle mass is relatively easy. As it takes a little effort to keep most of your muscle mass. While Building muscle is an entirely different matter as it takes more efforts.

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