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Our Herbal Lean Muscle Gainer supplements are enriched with proteins and have a little amount of carbohydrates than weight gainers. It is used to increase muscle mass and those who want a toned physique in a short period can add lean muscle gainer in their routine. Muscle Gainer comes in a variety of compositions of protein, fats, and carbohydrates. So, one should read the composition and select the product according to their needs.  However, an ideal Lean gainer should be low in fats and sugars, moderate in carbohydrates, and rich in proteins. 

Need for Muscle Gainer Supplements:

In this modern era, everyone wants to have a perfectly toned or lean body. A lean body is a combination of ideal body shape and muscle mass. For those who are fitness freaks and want a muscular and attractive body, a muscle gainer is going to help. It will reduce recovery time as well.

Benefits of Muscle Gainer Supplements:

1. High Fiber Content:

Fiber is one of the important elements used in building muscles. It plays a key role in removing toxic waste from the body. This lean muscle gainer is highly enriched with fiber and helps in the swift digestion of food.

2. Fat reducing and enhance muscle tone:

Lean gainer contains a low amount of sugar and fats that don’t lead to belly fat.

3. Good for Hard Gainers:

Some people are hard gainers which means that it doesn’t matter how much they eat, and their body will remain slim. This can be a nightmare for those who want to make big muscles.  Lean Muscle Gainer is a boon for these people. Gainers help people to intake enough calories that they can’t take with a regular diet and support them in muscle growth.

4. Helps in Fast Recovery:

Lean Muscle gainers consist of proteins from two or more sources usually a blend of slow and fast-acting proteins. Thus, support muscle growth and fast muscle recovery.

5. Boosts Endurance:

If consumed in small quantities, it can be extremely important for athletes to Boosts Performance, Endurance, and Muscle strength.

Why Buy Muscle Gainer From DetoNutrition?

All Gaining Supplements at Detonutrition are authentic and free from caffeine, steroids, and harmful ingredients. Detonutrition supplements are enriched with organic herbs like Asphaltum pure, Withania somnifera, Hyoscyamus niger, etc.

How to Consume Detonutrition’s Lean Muscle Gainer (LMG) Kit?

Our LMG kit includes DetoGainer and DetoFit Capsules. So, for a quick and sustained effect, it is recommended to consume two capsules of DetoGainer in the morning and two capsules of DetoFit at bedtime. The combination of these capsules is best to improve and enhance lean muscle gain and strength. It ensures quick recovery for enhanced energy levels in your body.


Q.1 who should consume it?

Ans.1  Underweight Teens, gym beginners, or any individual who wants a muscular body but cannot consume enough proteins from a regular diet can use this to achieve their fitness goals.

Q.2 Are Muscle Gainers are safe to intake?

Ans.2 Yes, Lean Muscle Gainers are Good if consume properly. It improves your appetite which helps in muscle building. Consuming More protein with an adequate workout is the key to build muscle mass. Muscle Gainer Supplements is the best option for achieving fitness goals for hard gainers. One more thing you can do before buying a muscle gainer is to read all their ingredients from the pack carefully and then buy it. Supplements with harmful ingredients may damage your health.

Q.3 Should I take the Muscle Gainers without Gym or workout?

Ans.3 The intention behind consuming muscle gainer is to repair and building muscle tissues so that muscles can become stronger. So, if you are not doing any workout or going to the gym to tear your muscle fibers, your body will not need any recovery. Since your body can’t store protein there will be no benefit of consuming muscle gainer and also if you take muscle gainer without exercising, your body will get more caloric value than usual and you will gain fat instead of muscle.

Q.4 what is the important component in gaining muscles?

Ans.4 Along with muscle supplements, one important factor you should consider is diet. If you are a hard gainer and want to make a toned muscular body, never miss your diet. If you are skipping your daily nutritional intake then you’re missing your chance to gain muscles.

Q.5 How can I gain muscle mass without gaining fat?

Ans.5 To build muscle and lose fat at the same time is a very difficult task because building muscles need more calories intake (calorie surplus) while fat loss needs burning of calories. So, to fulfill both these requirements you should take lean muscle gainers. Consume it with a healthy diet and workout routine will give you the desired results.

Q.6 What is the difference between muscle gainer and whey protein?

Ans. 6 Both Whey Protein and Mass gainers are used to promote muscle growth and recovery. The only difference is that whey proteins are enriched with proteins while muscle gainers contain more calories, fats, and carbs than whey proteins. Carbs present in Muscle Gainers are responsible for large amounts of calories.


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