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Best 12 Exercises To Grow Bigger Arms Tone Your Bicep Triceps And Forearm Muscles

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When it comes to strength building, a strong Torso (upper-body) has always been the first priority for bodybuilders. If we talk about Gym, it is a fact that What you really want is to grow bigger and muscular arms and for that, you will need some helpful tips and serious workouts which we will discuss here. Bigger arms are a combination of huge biceps, strong forearms, and thick triceps which will not happen overnight. Muscular Arms take a lot of work and dedication. Besides, there are a lot of practical benefits of having strong arms. Anything that requires upper body strength from lifting heavy weights to push something big can be easily done with strong arms. In addition, strong arms lower your chance of injury, increase your endurance, metabolism and improve your physique. There are many exercises to work out your biceps, triceps, and forearms but we will discuss only effective ones here. Let’s start with the Bicep Exercises.

Exercises for Biceps

Your biceps are split into two muscles – a long head and a short head. Both muscles arise from the shoulder blade and combine in the middle arm to make muscle mass. The primary function of these muscles is lifting and pulling. So, exercises that include lifting and curling the weights up towards the shoulder are the best to shape up your biceps. Here’s the list.

1. Concentration Curl

In a fitness study, researchers studied 5 different bicep exercises and measure their effectiveness. The one that was more effective against bicep muscle activation was concentration curl. Concentration curl is fully focused on only bicep muscle than any other bicep exercise.

How to do:

1. Sit on the bench and spread your legs.
2. Grab a Dumbbell in your right hand with its weight hanging between your legs. This is the starting position.
3. Rest your other elbow on another thigh for stability.
4. Now slowly lift the dumbbell towards your shoulder while keeping your upper body still.
5. As you lift the dumbbell, slightly turn your wrist so that when you reach at end of the movement, your palm should face your shoulder.
6. When you reach the end of the movement, pause for a moment and then slowly lower your dumbbell in starting position.
7. Complete your set and then repeat the same with your left hand.

2. Standing Cable Curl

A standing cable curl exercise is super effective to grow your arms and bicep strength. It targets the muscle that flexes the elbow.

How to do:

1. Start with standing straight and grab the bar with your arms shoulder-width apart and palms facing outwards. Keep your arms extended.
2. Make sure to keep your elbows near or relatively close to your sides.
3. Now Curl the bar towards your shoulders as close as you can.
4. Hold for a moment and then slowly return to the starting position.

3. Grow Arms with Chin-Ups

It is performed on a horizontal bar positioned at a specific height. Chin-up is similar to a pull-up exercise except for the position of hands. During Chin up, your palms face your body while in pull-ups your palms are in opposite directions. It targets upper back muscles as well as the biceps.

How to do:

1. Grab the bar comfortably with your hands shoulder-width apart.
2. Now by using your arm strength, lift your body towards the bar while keeping your body stable and core engaged.
3. Bend your knees while crossing up your legs to distribute your weight more evenly. Lift your body until your chin comes to the level of the bar.
4. After your chin reached at bar level, hold for a moment then lower yourself slowly until your arms are straight.

4. Standing Barbell Curl

Standing Barbell Curl helps in increasing biceps strength as well as size. Besides biceps, this exercise also puts stress on the wrists and elbows too. Sore wrists and muscles are a part of your workout. But if your body is taking more than enough time to recovery, you should go for Muscle Recovery Supplements as these supplements repair muscle tissues at a rapid rate and increase endurance. Check the process to know how you can do standing barbell curl.

How to do:

1. Stand straight with your chest up and your core engaged. Hold the bar using an underhand grip. Keep your core engaged.
2. Initiate the move by Pulling up the bar slightly towards the shoulders so that you can feel the tension in your biceps.
3. After reaching the shoulders height, stop for a moment then slowly lowers the bar until your arms are straight.
4. Repeat until your set is complete.

Best Exercises for Bigger Arms

Best Exercises for Triceps

After Biceps, here comes the role of triceps in making your arms toned and stronger. Building Triceps is one of the little-known secrets to grow bigger arms. A tricep is a group of three muscle heads —- the long head, the lateral head, and the medial head located on the backside of your upper arm between shoulder and elbow. It is necessary to work on all three muscle heads to give your arm an attractive look. Following are the exercises or moves you can use to pop your triceps at short notice:

1. Diamond pushups

A diamond or triangle pushup is the most effective exercise for beginners to activate their triceps. This is used by beginners who don’t have the strength to perform a heavy close grip bench press. Another nice thing about diamond pushups is they can be performed at home. Here’s how you do it.

How to do:

1. Take the normal pushup position with your hands and toes touching the floor.
2. Place your hand below your face while touching thumbs and forefingers making a triangular shape.
3. While keeping your torso and legs straight, lower yourself towards the floor so that your nose touches your fingers.
4. Now push yourself slowly back into starting position.
5. Do it until your reps are complete.

2. Upright Dips to Grow Bigger Arms

Upright dips target both lateral and medial head muscles of the triceps.

Here’s how you perform it:

1. Stand between the rails of the dip machine by grabbing each bar with your hands.
2. Now bend your knees so that they don’t touch the floor.
3. Lower yourself by bending the elbows until your upper arms come in parallel with the floor.
4. Then Push yourself up back in starting position until your arms are straight.
5. Repeat the steps.

3. Close-grip Bench press

A close-grip bench press is the same as a normal bench press. The only difference is that a close grip targets tricep muscles. The benefit of a close grip bench press is to build more muscles on the back of the arms and shoulder.

How to do:

1. Lay down on the bench and hold the bar with a close grip while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.
2. Lift the bar out of the rack and hold it over your chest with straight arms. This will be your starting position.
3. Now lower the barbell by pulling your elbows inwards until your palms start touching your chest. You will feel your triceps engaged.
4. Lift the barbell back into starting position.

4. Cable Tricep Pushdown

To grow arms, Cable Tricep Pushdown is likely the first exercise that beginners and pros do to work out triceps. Tricep Pushdown also engages our core, back, and shoulders. You can perform it by following these steps.

How to do:

1. Set the cable machine bar at head height.
2. Stand with your back straight and grab the bar with your palms facing the ground while tucking your elbows to your sides. This is the starting position.
3. To initiate it, push the bar down while keeping your back straight as much as possible. Push it until your hands or bar touches your thighs.
4. Hold for a second when it starts touching the thighs to squeeze the triceps.
5. Now slowly release the force and take the bar to start position.
6. Remember, don’t lean forward while pushing the bar towards thighs, and don’t let the elbows leave the sides otherwise your triceps will not fully be engaged. Just push it with your arm’s strength.

Best Exercises to grow Arms and Triceps

Exercises for Forearms to grow arms

A fully ripped arm isn’t complete without a toned and stronger forearm. Forearms are the muscles that connect your hand muscles to the elbow and upper arms. Forearms exercises aren’t difficult to do. Focus on forearms increases your grip strength as forearms contain muscles responsible for controlling the hand and fingers. A forearm workout also reduces the chances of wrists and elbow pain. Let’s look at the exercise to train your forearms effectively.

1. Palms up Wrist Curls

It is an isolation exercise to strengthen the wrist muscles of the forearm. It can be performed with a dumbbell as well as a barbell. To perform this you have to do the following steps.
1. Sit on the bench and grab the dumbbells in both hands with an underhand grip with your feet firmly on the ground.
2. Bend Forward and rest the back of your forearms on your thighs while putting wrists on the top of your knees. This is the starting position
3. Push Down the dumbbells as much as possible by bending your wrists. Remember not to move forearms to push down dumbbells. Only use your wrist to move them down.
4. Hold for a moment and curl the dumbbell upwards back in starting position with the force of your wrists.
5. Repeat the steps.

2. Farmer’s walk

If done correctly, a farmer’s walk can help your arms to grow and work out all of the major muscles in the body. It increases your Grip and forearm strength which is very essential to perform physical tasks like lifting and carrying heavy objects. To do it perfectly, you have to do the following:
1. Carry a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
2. Now engage your core and step forwards with dumbbells in each hand while keeping your shoulder blades down and back.
3. Walk for a specified time or distance. Be sure to keep your head up and your core muscles contracted.

3. Behind the back Cable Curl

This exercise targets forearms and Biceps both and is performed on a cable machine. Here’s how you can do it properly
1. Stand in front of the adjustable cable machine and attach a D-handle to the low pulley of the cable machine.
2. Hold the handle in your right or left hand with your palm facing forward and take one step away from the machine to build tension in the cable while keeping your arms straight and slightly behind your Upper body.
3. Now pull up the handle towards your shoulder in an arc while keeping your upper arm just behind your side. It will work out your forearms and biceps.
4. Now slowly release the weight in starting position.

4. Forearms Squeeze to Grow Bigger Arms

Forearms squeeze is a simple but effective exercise to increase your wrist and grip strength. It can be done with hand grippers or you can also use a tennis ball or another object that can be a squeeze. If you’re using a hand gripper, squeeze the gripper as much as you can. Hold it for 3 to 5 seconds and then slowly release it. Then repeat the same steps again. Do it for 15 minutes to work out your forearms.

Best Exercises for Forearms

Tips for Fast Arms development

1. Prioritize the pumps rather than presses

Beginners mostly do this mistake, they focus on presses rather than pumps. Presses can burn calories but won’t benefit your muscle growth much. So, you should try to pump your muscles so that they can receive the blood and nutrient they need to grow your arms.

2. Go Slow

If you are rushing your reps, you are just going towards disappointment. It usually happens when you train yourself with super heavyweights without being able to control them. Well, it has been seen that if you lift heavy weight instead of super-heavy and do it with slow movements, your muscles will be tensed for a long time which will result in bigger arms or muscle growth. You can start increasing muscle tension time just by slowly lowering the dumbbells or barbells while performing.

3. Increase your volume

Volume has a direct correlation with muscle growth. If you’re doing an arms workout two times a week and not getting results, you need to increase the volume. You can start by adding additional reps or sets. If you still do not get enough, you can do arms training 3 times a week. But remember to increase your volume little by little. The rapid increase in the volume can cause serious injury.

4. Eat to Grow Big Arms

While making the bigger arms, your nutritional habit plays an important role. So make sure to eat a nutrient-dense diet every day along with high protein sources. If you’re unable to gain weight due to genetic reasons, you should take supplements to support your muscle-building efforts. Supplements decrease your body’s reluctance to grow muscles. But make sure to choose the right supplements to avoid any harmful effects on your health.

5. Train Close to muscular failure

If we talk about biceps, Negatives and supersets can grow out your arms or muscles very effectively. But have you ever do drop sets, if not then we want to tell you that drop sets make your biceps scream and work out your, muscles to their extent. Drops are effective when done multiple times. When you reached your limit and fail to perform a rep but your set is incomplete then lower the lifting weight and try again to perform the set. If you failed again to do a rep then again lower your weight until your arms get exhausted. It seems like torture to biceps but after that, you will be pretty sure that your biceps have given their hundred percent.

Tips for Arm Muscle Development

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Right Posture: Stand upright while doing bicep curls. Leaning back to do curls will increase the risk of lower spine injury. So, If you can’t lift the dumbbells without leaning forward then you should start with lighter weight.

Ignoring negatives:

The negative part is the part of the exercise where you lower the weight and your arm extends. Remember not to drop your dumbbell or barbell instantly while performing exercises. Doing negatives slowly (3-4seconds) on every rep will help you gain muscles quickly.

Neglecting Other Muscles:

Yes, we know you want 16 inches biceps but don’t forget to work out other muscles too. Otherwise, your arms will look too big as compared to your whole body and it will look ugly.

Lifting Shoulders/Elbows:

There’s a myth among bodybuilders that they will get a better contraction in the biceps if they raise their elbows or shoulder while performing a bicep curl. But it’s not true, lifting your elbows or shoulders will just shift tension to other muscles from the biceps and lessen the contraction.

Not Taking Enough Nutrition:

You must need muscle mass and weight gain to grow bigger arms. Nutrition is the key, consuming the right foods at right time is very essential for increasing bicep size. If you can’t take enough nutrition directly, you can consume Detonutrition’s Lean Muscle Gainer(LMG Pro-Kit) and Detovit Pro Capsules. These supplements will help you to fulfill your daily nutritional requirements and support you in gaining lean muscle mass.

Not Working on both the long head and short head muscle:

As we mentioned above, bicep muscles are divided into two parts: a long head and a short head. In order to get fully developed biceps, it is necessary to work out both the head equally. To accomplish this, you can add the Incline Dumbbell curls, Chin-Ups, SPIDER Curls, Cable curls, Narrow grip barbell curl.

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Q.1 How much time does it Takes to Grow Bigger Arms?

Ans. Time will vary from person to person. It depends on multiple factors like intensity, frequency, diet, and duration. However, if you do proper training and consume a healthy diet, you will notice the progress in your arms after 3 months. There are no major secrets behind bigger arms. All you need is a determination to gain muscle.

Q.2 Will my arms get bigger quickly if I work them every day?

Ans. No muscle group can grow if you exhaust them every day. Every muscle in your body needs some time to recover after an intense workout. Usually, muscles take 48-72 hours to heal and grow stronger. To make your arms grow in the right manner, give them adequate rest after the workout.

Q.3 How can I Bulk up muscles fast?

Ans. Here are the tips you can follow to bulk up fast

  • Increase Exercise Volume from time to time
  • Get Enough Rest
  • Consume more protein to grow muscles
  • Consume Muscle Gainer Supplement
  • Keep your movements slow and steady

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