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Strong Lean Muscle  Proven Weight Gainer

Packing of 60 CAPS

    5 Reviews


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DETO GAINER CAPSULES (Weight Gainer Capsules)

Weight Gain Supplements or Capsules Improve Muscle Tone, Weight Lifting Strength, and Calorie Intake. Gain Optimum Weight Quickly

Key Features and Benefits

  • Lean muscle gainer and weight gainer.

  • Improve muscle tone and strength.

  • Enhance performance endurance.

  • Cardio protective and strengthening.

  • Boost up weight lifting strength.

  • Gains weight without retaining water.

Key Ingredients

  • Asparagus racemosus (Nutritive, strengthens body, increases energy levels)

  • Pueraria tuberosa (Muscle gain, strengthens cardiac muscles, rejuvenation)

  • Withania somnifera (Enhance vigor and vitality, nutritive)

Recommended Usage

Detogainer is recommended in a dose of two capsules per day at bed time or after completing workout for a quick and sustained muscle tone and strength recovery. It helps preventing and relieving muscle cramps, pain and fatigue. Enhances and sustains muscle strength for better performance.

What Our

Customers Says


RajeshVerified Buyer

Muscle Marvel in Capsules

Deto Gainer Capsules have transformed my workout game! Noticed significant gains in lean muscle without the water bloat. Asparagus and Pueraria tuberosa combo is pure magic. Increased energy levels and improved endurance make it a game-changer!


Ananya PatelVerified Buyer

Energizing Muscle Elixir

Detoxifying and energizing, these capsules redefine muscle growth. Withania somnifera adds the perfect touch of vitality. My workouts have become more powerful, and the cardio protection is an added bonus. A definite must-try for fitness enthusiasts!


Sunil NathVerified Buyer

Pumped Powerhouse Capsules

Deto Gainer Capsules have upped my weightlifting game. The strength boost is incredible, and I've witnessed visible improvements in muscle tone. As a regular at the gym, these capsules have become my secret weapon for achieving a sculpted physique.


Manoj NagarkotiVerified Buyer

Strength Redefined, Naturally

Deto Gainer Capsules are a game-changer, aiming for strength and tone. Natural ingredients like Asparagus racemosus and Pueraria tuberosa make it a safe choice. Improved strength without water retention is a win for me!


Arun RathiVerified Buyer

Cardio Boosting Muscle Fuel

Deto Gainer Capsules not only help in muscle gain but also boost cardiovascular endurance. The blend of herbs is impressive, especially Pueraria tuberosa. Noticed enhanced performance during my runs and overall strengthened physique.

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