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Death due to cardiovascular diseases like heart attack or stroke is very common in India. The major reason behind this is our unhealthy dietary habits. We eat high-cholesterol food without taking any prevention which results in increasing bad cholesterol levels. This is why Heart supplements are used to lower bad cholesterol levels in the body. These supplements also help in removing fatty deposits from our arteries to maintain heart health. Other than diet, Obesity, Diabetes, Lack of physical activities and Age are the factors that affect our heart health. Now, Let’s discuss what type of cholesterol is good and bad for you.

Types of Cholesterol

The liver creates a combination of fats and proteins called Lipoproteins to transfer cholesterol throughout the body. LDL and HDL are the two common types of lipoproteins.

1. Low-Density Lipoprotein(LDL):

It is also commonly known as bad cholesterol. It damages our blood vessels and makes them narrow.  High LDL cholesterol level can block your blood vessels and resists the blood flowing to the heart.

Effects of Bad Cholesterol(LDL):

High levels of bad cholesterol in arteries can cause the following complications:

1. Chest Pain:

Due to decreased blood flow to the heart, you might suffer from chest pain and become prone to coronary artery disease.

2. Peripheral Artery Disease:

It is a disease that happens when your arteries are unable to transfer blood to other body parts like legs and arms. If not treated properly, it can lead you to have a limb removed.

3. Heart Attack:

Bad cholesterol can produce blood clots in your arteries. These clots can block the blood flowing throughout the body. If the blood flow to your heart stops due to these clots, you will have a heart attack.

2. High-Density Lipoprotein (HDL):

It is commonly known as good cholesterol.  A healthy amount of good cholesterol prevents heart attack. HDL carries bad cholesterol back to the liver.  The liver then eliminates or flushes out bad cholesterol with other waste from the body. 

Functions of Good Cholesterol

Following are the functions of good cholesterol: 

  • It supports the body in the production of vitamin D.
  • Helps in maintaining the integrity and fluidity of cell walls.
  • Makes Bile acids for Digestion and absorption of fats. 
  • The body needs cholesterol to make certain hormones. 

Best Heart Health Supplements

Detonutrition’s  DETO Armour Kit and Lipin C Capsules are specifically designed to maintain heart health. They both are the formulation of therapeutic herbs that help restore your body’s health. Lipin C capsules contain herbs like Commiphora Mukul, Garcinia Cambogia, and Fenugreek that help in lowering cholesterol levels in the body by burning extra fat deposits present in the blood due to high LDL. Deto Armour Kit consists of four different products and provides full-body support like liver support, kidney support, prostate, and heart support.

Benefits of Heart Health Supplements:

Heart Health Supplements lowers bad cholesterol levels and prevent them to build up in arteries which results in proper blood circulation to the heart. 
These supplements help in maintaining weight by increasing the metabolism due to which food will digest quickly.

What are the risk factors that impact heart health?

1. High Blood Pressure:

High Blood pressures harm your arteries by making them less flexible. It restricts the flow of blood and oxygen flowing to the heart, resulting in heart diseases like chest pain, heart attack, or stroke.

2. High Cholesterol Levels:

Our liver produces a wax-like substance called cholesterol. Cholesterol helps in building cells but if we consume more than our body needs. It starts building in the walls of arteries making them narrow. This increase in cholesterol level decreases the blood flow to the heart and results in heart diseases.

3. Obesity:

Being Obese is itself a risk of heart disease. Obesity increases the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in our body which increases the risk of a heart attack. 
Smoking and Alcohol:  Drinking and smoking increase the level of triglycerides and LDL or bad cholesterol. Tobacco in Cigarettes damages the blood vessels and decreases the flow of blood passing through them which may result in severe heart diseases.

4. Poor Diet:

It is true that what we eat affects our health. We like to eat so much junk food in our day-to-day life which increases obesity and cholesterol. Junk Food contains too much salt (sodium), which increases blood pressure and gives birth to heart diseases. So, eating healthy fruits and vegetables is a great way to keep your heart in optimum health.


Q.1 Is cholesterol bad for our body? Are there any symptoms of high cholesterol?

Ans. Cholesterol is essential for our body as it performs many functions but too much of it has adverse effects on our health. High cholesterol levels interrupt the flow of blood to the heart and affect its working. There are no specific symptoms of high cholesterol but you can go to a doctor to measure your cholesterol by doing a blood test.

Q.2 What 3 foods do cardiologists say to avoid?

Ans. Here is the following foods that experts suggest to avoid to maintain heart health

1. Soda and Soft Drinks:

Consuming a limited amount of sugar is not harmful but flavored drinks like soft drinks, soda, etc. contain added sugar that results in weight gain and poor heart health. A single bottle of soda has more sugar than the recommended amount in a day. 
On the other hand, consuming a high amount of salt is also bad for the heart. Whether it is sugar or salt, we should take them in a limited amount.

2. Red Meat:

Eating too much red meat like beef, lamb, etc. increases the risk of heart disease. Red meat or processed meat contains saturated fat that can raise your cholesterol levels and impact your heart health.

3. Alcohol:

Binge drinking increases the blood pressure in our body that can cause heart diseases like strokes, attacks, heart failure, etc.

Q.3 What are the best tips to prevent heart disease?

Ans.3 Consumption of heart health supplements maintains your cholesterol level but along with these supplements you can add these habits to your routine:

  • Regular exercise reduces your Cholesterol, maintains blood circulation, and decreases obesity.
  • Quit Smoking as it increases the risk of heart attack 
  • Control Diabetes
  • Eat a healthy diet (with low sodium and saturated fat)
  • Manage Stress as more stress and anger lead to a heart attack. You can do Yoga to manage stress.

Q.4 What supplements unclog arteries?

Ans.  You can add these foods or supplements to unclog arteries.

  • Garlic 
  • Commiphora Mukul
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Asparagus
  • Olive Oil

Q.5 Does increase in age also increase the risk of heart disease?

Ans.5 Heart disease can happen to anyone of any age but yes, the risk of heart diseases increases with age. 


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