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Muscle Recovery Supplements












What are Muscle Recovery Supplements?

When you do intense workouts on daily basis, your muscles are subjected to wear and tear. After this kind of workouts, your muscles need time to recover. We usually feel joint pains, muscle soreness, muscle achiness, etc. after an intensive workout. However, it’s not a bad thing. Having Sore muscles is very satisfying for Bodybuilders and Fitness Enthusiasts. It gives you the feeling that you are one step closer to your desired fitness goal. Muscle Recovery Supplements help us in post-workout recovery. These supplements also increase the production of proteins in muscles and enhance muscle growth, repair, and strength.

Why we need Muscle Recovery Supplements?

During heavy workouts, the body uses much more energy to perform. Due to this, You have to bear muscle soreness and pain. It’s not wrong to say that you don’t wish to interrupt your workout routines due to this pain. So, to repair your muscles fast, you need recovery supplements. Consumption of these supplements will give you a power pack of nutrients lost during intense training. It also reduces muscle tension, recovers muscles, and prevents muscle cramps.

Benefits of Muscle Recovery

1. Muscle Tone and Strength:

These supplements help in quick recovery from muscle soreness and pain. Muscle recovery supplements enhance the growth of tissues and increase their strength. As a result, your body performs better during high-intensity weight-lifting exercises.

2. Prevents Muscle Cramps:

Muscle recovery supplements provide essential nutrients to your body that are lost during the workout. Lack of these nutrients may result in injury and weakness. Ultimately, your workout routine will get affected and your fitness regime lost. Can you bear that..?

3. Prevents Exercise Fatigue:

Everyone feel fatigued and exhausted after a heavy workout. How quickly you get tired varies from person to person. Recovery supplements increase the growth of proteins in muscles and improve your stamina so that you don’t get tired easily during workouts.

How to Prevent Muscle Soreness

It is very common to experience muscle soreness for both beginners and Pros. It is the natural outcome after a heavy workout session. Consumption of muscle recovery supplements relieves muscle soreness in a short period of time. Along with Recovery Supplements follow these tips will help you in alleviating the pain.

Stretching or Warm Up:

Stretching or Warm Up before exercise wakes your muscles and increases the blood flow to them. Warm-Up includes brisk walking or jogging, Rope Jumping, Cycling, and little weight lifting.

Limited Rest:

Soreness Occurs when we overworked a particular group of muscles. So, give proper rest to that muscle group. Till then you can work on other muscle groups or limited workout on that group but avoid complete rest.

Stay Hydrated:

Water helps in managing your body temperature, transfer nutrients and loosen muscles which may cause muscle cramps, dizziness, etc during a workout. So drink enough water to reduce muscle pain.

Use Proper Technique:

Exercise when doing in the right way always helps in muscle tone and prevents any muscle injury or strain. So, if you are a beginner you should ask a gym trainer or professional how to lift weight in the right manner and use equipment and machines.

Cool Down:

After a workout, cool down phase is necessary, it will relax your muscles and aid in recovery. Cooldown includes walking, stretching, etc.

Don’t Push Yourself:

You can reduce the effect of muscle soreness by progressing slowly in exercise. For example, if you are doing weight lifting, start with the weight that suits you then increase it a little next time. Don’t go for heavy lifting, you may get a muscle cramp.

Top Muscle Recovery Supplements

Detonutrition’s Recovery supplements include DetoCalm Capsules, LMG Pro Strength Booster Kit, Deto Restore Kit, and JLS Pro Capsules.

1. DetoCalm Capsules:

It relieves stress and relaxes the mind and body which results in sound sleep and fast muscle recovery.

2. Lean Muscle Gainer and Strength Booster Kit:

This kit includes two supplements and helps in regaining muscle strength. It nourishes muscles and increases endurance and performance.

3. Deto Restore kit:

This kit contains more than two types of supplements that provide post-workout support and restore your body to work in optimum health. It helps to repair your muscles and tissues.

4. JLS Pro Capsules:

This supplement helps in relieving pain and inflammation in muscles and joints. It helps in fixing free joints and ligament wear and tear.

You can select any of the above-mentioned supplements as per your requirement. If you are having any confusion or query about any of the products, Contact us by calling on +91 7696366917, E-mail at info@detonutrition.com or you can drop a message on our official social media pages.

Why buy from Detonutrition?

People nowadays are moving more towards natural supplements due to the number of benefits they provide without any side effects. Detonutrition’s Muscle Recovery Supplements are infused with many therapeutic herbs like Withania Somnifera ( Ashwagandha), Vanda roxburghii, Asphaltum Pure (Shilajit), etc that helps in strengthening muscles and repair them. Other than that Detonutrition’s muscle recovery supplements have no side effects as we don’t use any additive like preservatives, harmful chemicals, etc in our supplements. Its herbal ingredients help your body to absorb and digest them easily which gives you instant benefits. We are recommended by many IFBB Bodybuilders, Pro Athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. We ensure you full authenticity of every product as our all products go through a quality test before serving to customers.


Q.1 What is Muscle Soreness?

Ans.1 It is the reaction of the muscles to the stress after an intensive workout. It occurs when we intensively work out a particular group of muscles. Having it is normal for anyone. It usually starts after 6-8 hours of workout and will stay until the muscle repairs itself. A muscle usually takes 24-48 hours to heal but you can reduce the timing by using muscle recovery supplements.

Q.2 Is post-workout nutrition is important?

Ans.2 Yes, Our body loses a lot of energy during workouts and lost its nutrients and amino acid to rebuild muscles. So, Post-workout nutrition is necessary to fulfill these lost nutrients. Recovery Supplements are the best way to recover your muscles quickly.

Q.3 Are there any side effects of muscle recovery products?

Ans.3 Detonutrition’s muscle recovery supplements are a formulation of therapeutic herbs and don’t have any side effects if taken properly.

Q.4 How to choose the Muscle Recovery Supplement?

Ans.4 You can look up the following things on the product label to choose the best for your body.

1. Ingredients:

Always see the ingredients of the supplement and check if it contains what you’re looking for or not. If you are allergic to any ingredient look for it on the product then buy it.

2. Authenticity:

The market is full of duplicate supplements as it can be difficult for you to choose a nutritional product yourself. So, always check if the product is authentic or not. You can check that brand’s website and also ask product-related queries if you have. You can also ask if a product goes through a quality test or not.

3. Brand Reputation:

It is one of the most important factors while buying recovery supplements. The brand should be well known for what it is selling to people and should know about this Industry in depth.



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