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Weight Gain Diet Chart Tips And Factors For Healthy Gain

Weight Gain Supplements

Weight gain diet is not a method or a way that will make you gain mass instantly. Basically, it is a healthy eating plan by dieticians considering all the necessary factors and elements for weight gain. If followed with consistency it can help you in increasing weight by providing your body essential nutrients. The primary goal of a weight gain diet is to provide your body a calorie surplus. It means consuming extra calories than your body burns every day by physical activities. This is why Gaining diet charts often include foods that are rich in calories, proteins, and healthy fats. Peanut Butter, Avocados, Fatty fish, etc are some of the common examples of high-calorie and nutritious food. So, if you’re being mocked by people due to your skinny body. Here’s the healthy solution. Let’s dive in.

Why you need a Weight Gain Diet?

Do you want to look fit? Or do you really want to be fit? Looking fit belongs to external look only while to become really fit you should be healthy internally and externally both. It has seen that Low Body Mass makes you look thin and can cause you severe diseases like fatigue, dizziness, and osteoporosis. To avoid these troubles and to increase your body mass index, you need to take a nutritious diet that would boost mass production. It is not compulsory that only underweighted people can take a weight gain diet. You can also consume this diet if you want to be bulkier than you already are or want to participate in any bodybuilding competition. A weight gain diet is also suggested to those who are suffering from a certain medical condition and requires high- caloric foods to recover.

Reasons for Being Underweight

Have You tried everything to gain weight, but couldn’t find why you aren’t gaining much? Before opting for a solution, first, it is necessary to understand the root cause of the problem. In order to do that, you should check out the causes that usually create hurdles in weight development.

Reasons for Underweight

Body type:

If your body belongs to the Ectomorph body type then it will be difficult for you to gain weight. Ectomorphs naturally have high metabolism due to which they burn calories faster than others. Your body will burn a decent amount of calories even at rest. A calorie surplus is the only way for you to gain weight.

Nutritional Deficiency:

Another reason that your body is not growing or developing weight is the lack of nutrients. Lack of Nutrition prevents your muscles from growing bigger and stronger. A nutritional deficiency occurs when you follow an unhealthy lifestyle or diet that doesn’t include essential nutrients like protein, carbohydrates, healthy fats, etc required for the body. That is why a meal plan with high caloric and nutritional value is suggested.

Eating Disorders:

Do you have a fear of getting overweight despite having a normal weight? Or Do you like eating non-food substances like Chalk, Paper, pebbles, etc.? If yes, you may be suffering from an eating disorder like Bulimia Nervosa, Pica, Anorexia Nervosa, etc. These disorders are the reason, you are not having an appropriate diet and being underweight in spite of all efforts. This can cause critical damages to your body and health. So, get a proper treatment, if left untreated, these may even result in death. Consult with your doctor today itself and then start your weight gain diet with proper medication.

Genetic History:

Sometimes being underweight is genetic. If your father and grandfather are underweighted then there’s a possibility that you may also have the same features. It is a difficult task to gain weight for people with a family history of underweight. By following a healthy diet, Weight Gain Supplements, and Workout Routines you can build your desired physique.

Medical Condition:

Diseases can also be the cause for not gaining weight. Certain medical conditions like hyperthyroidism, diabetes, kidney diseases, tuberculosis, etc. can cause weight loss. If you’ve any, you should seek medical treatment first.


Depression can cause people to gain and lose weight to an unhealthy degree. It affects your mood and emotions. You can notice low energy levels, laziness, loss of appetite, sleeping troubles, etc in the body during the depression which results in unhealthy weight loss.

Factors to Consider for weight gain diet

Before preparing a weight gain diet chart for yourself, you should consider the following factors in mind to get better and accurate results.

Factors to consider before Weight Gain Diet

Current bodyweight:

You should’ve known your current body weight and your target weight before starting a weight gain diet or training so that you can measure your improvements.

The BMI or Body Mass Index:

You should’ve known your body mass index and the category you fall in (underweight, normal, and overweight). You can use the BMI calculator to calculate your BMI. Just fill your weight and height, you will get results.

Calorie Target:

After identifying your weight and BMI, your task is to figure out the number of calories and nutritional requirements you need to achieve your goal OR You can follow the below-mentioned diet plan for weight gain to consume additional calories. If you still want to consume more calories you can add foods to the diet chart yourself according to your requirements.

Food allergy:

If you are following the below-mentioned diet chart or preparing it yourself, make sure not to include the foods or ingredients that you are allergic to. Instead, you should go for a healthy alternative to those foods.

Weight Gain Supplements:

If you’re consuming the weight gain supplements then it is necessary for you to check the ingredients and brand reputation of the product. Check if the product is fulfilling your nutritional requirements.

Diet Plan for weight gain

Many of you have one thing in mind that is – Can’t you increase calorie consumption and weight gain from the cake, pastries, French fries, and pizza? Well, yes, it is possible to consume extra calories from the cake, soft drinks, pizza, etc. But the question is will it be a healthy approach? Of course not. We from our experience in the health & fitness world will never suggest you depend on these foods for weight gain. When consuming a weight gain diet, you should always aim for healthy weight and muscle mass. Now, if we talk about meals, a healthy diet includes three heavy meals and two mini-meals or snacks in a day. If you’re a good appetite, go for it. But if you can’t eat much, you can consume five or six small portions of the meal instead of large meals or you can take weight gainers. Weight Gain supplements fulfill your nutritional requirements as well as increase your appetite. Following a diet plan is for everyone who is underweight or want to build muscle mass. This Diet contains simple foods that can be easily available in the local markets. Take a look at this plan to consume sufficient calories and nutrients.

Meals Time What to Consume
Before Breakfast 6:30a.m- 7:30a.m Overnight Soaked Almonds (6-7) and 2 Riped Bananas


White portion of 2 eggs and 6-7 soaked almonds

Breakfast 8:30a.m – 9:30a.m Multigrain Bread Toast with Peanut Butter and 2 Eggs(omelet)


A large bowl of corn flakes, 1 bowl of oats with fruit juice


Paranthas stuffed with cottage cheese and curd


Fresh Seasonal Fruits(2-3) and a large Bowl of Daliya

Morning Snack 11:30a.m -12:30p.m A full-fat healthy drink like Banana Shake and weight gain supplement (if consuming)
Lunch 2 p.m – 3p.m Salad (made up of 3 vegetables), 3 Chapatis with one cooked vegetable and lentil (1cup), and 1 small bowl of sweet curd/raita


2 small bowls of Rice, 2 chapatis with ghee, and a piece of fish/eggs/tofu/chicken breast.


1 and a half Bowl of Legumes(moong daal, masoor, Green moong, channa, or soybean), 2-3 Chapattis with Ghee, 1 large bowl of Plain rice, 1 medium-sized bowl of Vegetable curry. (choose vegetables as per your choice)

Evening Snack 5:00p.m – 6:00p.m 2 Veg Sandwich with cheese or
A mixture of Roasted Nuts(chana, makhana, soybeans, almonds) and Baked PotatoesOr1 medium-sized bowl of vegetable/chicken soup (with butter) and 1 veg sandwich with extra cheese
Dinner 7:30p.m – 8:30p.m Half cup Rice (brown) and Kidney Beans or Black Chickpeas and two chapattis
Before Bed 10 p.m – 11p.m 1 Full Glass of Milk

If you’re allergic to any specific food or just want to change one or two food, You can modify the above diet plan with other foods that have an equal number of calories and nutrients. If you want fast and effective results, you can include the following healthy tips in your lifestyle.

Note: Consult with your physician first before taking the above-mentioned diet because everybody has different BMI and calorie requirements based on their BMI. So, your physician will help you to make the best diet for you.

7 Healthy Tips for Weight Gain Fast & Safely

Healthy Tips to Gain Weight Fast

Strength Training:

Gaining weight doesn’t mean that you will only develop body fat. For healthy weight gain and an attractive physique, you should hit the gym regularly. Strength training and weight lifting are suitable for you if your goal is to gain weight. This training helps in increasing muscle mass while maintaining your health.

Stay Motivated:

Usually, people start a weight gain diet and left it after 15-20 days because they don’t see any improvement in their body during this time interval. Well, It is a fact that you can’t gain weight in one day or week. You have to follow a disciplined lifestyle in order to achieve your desired physique. So, stay patient and motivated while following your diet. You will certainly achieve what you’ve desired.


Stick on a weight gain diet is not easy. You can easily be distracted by junk food and may skip your diet but remember, consistency is the key. Stay Consistent with your diet and avoid canned and packaged food as much as possible to get fast results.

Sufficient Sleep:

Whether you follow a weight loss or a weight gain diet, sleep is an important factor to consider. You should sleep at least 8 hours to maintain the proper functioning of your body. Studies have also proved that ample sleep helps your body to develop muscle mass.

Weight Gain Supplements:

In many cases, it has seen that people are unable to consume the suggested diet as their hunger levels are low. As a result, they failed to bring the desired results. If you’re also having the same problem, you can add more calories and nutrients by adding weight gainers in your diet. Consuming them along with diet will help you to hit your daily calorie target.

Track Your Performance:

Keeping an eye on your daily performance not only motivates you but also helps you to analyze your performance. It helps you to keep a daily calorie record (how much you’re consuming and burning) also. Based on these records, you can easily modify your exercise and diet routines.

Eliminate Stress:

It has seen that when you do something under stress or depression even if it’s eating food, doing office work, etc. Your body doesn’t perform at its full capacity. Stress can become a big hurdle in your way of success. So, try to keep it away. You can do meditation, breathing exercises, etc to reduce stress.

Foods to Avoid for a Healthy Weight Gain

To develop a healthy weight gain from the diet, it is necessary to get rid of the following foods from your meal plan.

Foods to Avoid For Weight Gain

  • Fast food: Chinese, burgers, pizza, hot dogs, etc.
  • Soft drinks: Cold drinks, soda, sports drinks, flavored milk, etc.
  • Sugary Foods: Candy, Ice cream, Cake, Pastries, and other sweet bakery goods.


Weight Gain is a challenging task but if you stay consistent with your exercise and diet, you will definitely achieve your fitness goal. A weight gain diet is an ideal balance of carbohydrates, protein, and healthy fats. For healthy weight gain, you should always focus on gaining lean muscle mass while avoiding junk foods.

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Q.1 What are the Problems Caused by Low Body Weight?

Ans. If your body weight is below than standard requirement, you will start experiencing health problems. The first thing that will be affected from underweight is your immunity. Reduced immunity makes your body vulnerable to infections, diseases, etc. You may notice the following health issues if you have low body mass.

  • Fatigue
  • Low Bone Density
  • Increased Chance of Fractures
  • Dizziness
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Osteoporosis
  • Easily affected by flu-like cold, cough, etc

Q.2 What is a healthy BMI?

Ans.BMI is the amount of mass around your body with respect to your height. If your body mass index (BMI) is less than 18.5 then you fall in the underweight category. If your BMI exists between18.5 – 24.9, you’re in a healthy range and If it is Above 24.9, you will fall under the overweight category.

Q.3 Which Gainer is best for weight gain?

Ans. Though there are many weight gainers available in the fitness world, we suggest you go for natural weight gainers because they’re made with natural herbs and ingredients. Natural weight gainers have no side effects and are suitable for every body type. If we talk about natural weight gainers, you can take LMG Pro-Kit as this supplement is a formulation of therapeutic herbs that help in increasing muscle mass while keeping you healthy.

Q.4 What are the Best Foods for Easy and Quick Weight Gain?

Ans. There are many foods that you can include in your weight gain diet but here is the list of best foods that are full of nutrients and are easily available in markets.

    1. Cottage Cheese
    2. Rice
    3. Avocado
    4. Eggs
    5. Chicken
    6. Peanut Butter
    7. Dry Fruits and Nuts
    8. Milk
    9. Potato
    10. Fish

Q.5 How Many Calories should we Eat To Gain Weight?

Ans. It depends on your body mass index. Your BMI decides how many calories you should consume every day for weight gain.

Q.6 Is Eating Non-Veg Essential for Weight Gain?

Ans. No, it’s not necessary to eat Non-veg. in order to gain weight. There are many vegetarian foods also that are more nutritional than non-veg. You can swap those non-veg. options with nutritious vegetarian foods.

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