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Best Herbal Weight Gain Supplements In 2024

Weight Gain Supplements

There are many of you whose primary goal is to bulk up. Being underweight not only makes you look weak but also increases the risk of numerous chronic diseases. Moreover, having low muscle mass decreases the immunity levels of the body. So, in order to prevent all these troubles and to put on a healthy weight, we use weight gain supplements or weight gainers.

What are Weight Gainers exactly?

Weight gainers are supplements that contain essential nutrients for your body to develop or gain mass healthily. These supplements include proteins, fats, vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals. Weight gainers contain less protein content as compared to carbohydrates and healthy fats as the main goal of these supplements is to increase your daily calorie intake and promote muscle mass growth. A good weight gainer provides you 400-1200 calories in a single serving. If consumed with a proper diet and workout, weight gainers can get you the physique you want.

Why Consume Weight Gainer Supplement?

Whether you are underweight or an average weighted person who wants to fulfill the fitness goals like athletics, achieving a certain physique, bodybuilding competition, etc Muscle tone, and strength are very essential for you. To put on extra strength and size, your body must have extra calories and fats to convert them into muscle mass. But following a calorie surplus diet is not easy especially for teenagers with low appetite levels or high metabolism. Another problem you may have faced during your weight gain journey is that they consume plenty of calories but your diet lacks essential nutrients. Now, the question arises how to consume ample calories with required nutrients? Here weight gainer comes in hand. A weight gainer is a convenient way to increase your calorie intake while providing your body the right nutrients. A weight gainer is easy to consume as they come in capsule or powder form.

When to Consume a Weight Gainer

You should consider a weight gainer in following situations

Consuming Insufficient Calories

A calorie surplus is very crucial to put on weight. If your consumption of calories is equal to the number of calories your body burns throughout the day, you may not see the results you want. Adding a gainer to your diet helps you to meet your daily calorie requirements or achieving calorie surplus.

Lack of Macronutrients

Along with calories, it is important for you to consume the right amount of macronutrients as well. There’s a possibility that you are not getting sufficient nutrients just from your daily diet. In that case, you should opt for weight gainers as they are rich in nutrients and other essential elements required to develop body mass.

Troubling in Eating Larger Meals

To obtain a calorie surplus, you have to increase your portion size which is not possible for everyone. Some of you may feel bloated while some of you are unable to eat this much due to low appetite levels. Having weight gainer supplements with your meal plan will relieve you from extra eating and help you to achieve your daily eating goals.

Artificial vs Herbal Weight Gainers

Weight gainers are of two types— Artificial gainer and Herbal Gainer. Artificial gainer is composed of both natural and chemical ingredients while herbal weight gainer consists of only natural herbs.

Although both artificial and herbal gainers are used to develop a healthy weight gain, some studies have found that most of the artificial weight gainers contain Creatine which if taken at more than recommended dosage can damage your kidneys, liver, and heart. In addition, it has been found that artificial weight gainers have anabolic steroids which are not good for your health and can develop problems like hair loss, aggression, kidney damage, increased risks of a heart attack.

On the other hand, Herbal weight gainers are formulated with therapeutic herbs. Unlike artificial gainers, herbal supplements don’t have any side effects. Ingredients present in these supplements increase your weight healthily while managing your appetite levels and calorie requirements. So, Why consume artificial supplements if you have a better alternative. Here are the best herbal weight gain supplements you can opt for:

Best Herbal Weight Gainers in 2024

weight gain capsules


Detogainer is considered one of the best in this category. It is formulated with herbs and ingredients that help in boosting strength and developing muscle mass. Its major ingredients are Asparagus racemosus and Withania Somnifera.

  • Asparagus racemosus – also known as Shatavari has properties to raise your energy levels and internal strength. Due to its rich nutritional profile, it is very beneficial for bodybuilders.
  • Withania Somnifera – It is commonly called Ashwagandha. It is considered as the best substitute for synthetic supplements as it nourishes your muscles and promotes testosterone production in the body.


  • Increases muscle endurance which helps you to perform longer during intense workouts.
  • Nourishes your cardio muscles to prevent you from heart problems
  • Increase the production of muscle mass
  • Enhance your weight lifting strength so that you can perform better every time in Gym.

LMG Pro Kit:

Due to strengthening and recovery properties of LMG pro kit, it is the choice of many skinny guys. It not only helps you in achieving calorie surplus but also increases strength, relieves muscular pain, and prevents muscle soreness. Its main ingredients are Pueraria tuberose, Glycyrrhiza Glabra, and Hyoscyamus niger.

Pueraria tuberose – In India, It is also commonly known as vidarikhand . Vidarikhand is one of the most nourishing medicinal herbs used for weight gain. It promotes rejuvenation and helps in improving the reproductive system by enhancing the quality of semen in men. It is also good to prevent aging and protect your body from diseases.

Glycyrrhiza glabra Or Mulethi – When it comes to weight gain, immunity plays an important role. A person with a weak immune system faces more difficulty in weight gain than others. Consumption of Mulethi is very helpful in keeping your immune system healthy.

Hyoscyamus niger – Hyoscyamus Niger or Henbane is commonly used in recovery supplements as it is very helpful in relieving pain and muscle inflammation. In addition to recovery, Hyocyamus Glabra is also helpful in proper digestion and absorption of food which results in fast weight gain.


  • Helps in developing lean muscle mass while improving your physique
  • Helps in raising energy levels
  • Prevents and relieves your body from muscle pain, joint pain, inflammation, and cramps.
  • Strengthens
  • Increase your physical performance and muscle Endurance

Things to Consider Before Buying a Weight Gain Supplement

herbal weight gain supplement
Getting confused is very common when choosing a herbal weight gainer as there are numerous brands and products in the market. It’s important to have some knowledge of weight gainers beforehand. Here are the following things you can consider before buying an authentic weight gain supplement.

    1. Always read the label carefully. if it contains harmful additives, sugar, preservatives, etc. leave it.
    2. Proteins and carbs are very important for muscle growth and energy. There should be ample nutrients in weight gain supplements in order to develop a bulky body. Protein- Carb ratio should vary between 1:3 to 1:5.
    3. Always check the sugar intent on your product label. Having more than 6g sugar per 100g serving is a bit much for your goal. Choose a better option. You should pay for nutrients, not sugar.
    4. Check if it has digestive enzymes as increased calorie intake makes it difficult for you to digest extra food. Having digestive enzymes in your supplements prevents bloating, helps in the digestion and absorption of food.
    5. Always look for brand reputation before buying a product. You can check their Social Media handle, License, etc.

If you’re also struggling with underweight problems and are unable to decide the best aid, you should opt for either Detogainer or LMG pro kit. Both of these products provide optimum nutrition needed for weight gain.

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Calorie Surplus is the key to weight gain. To achieve calorie surplus, you can either consume artificial weight gainers or herbal weight gainers with your diet. However, herbal supplements are more efficient as they don’t have any side effects. Consumption of Natural weight gain supplements not only fulfills your calorie goals but also boosts your recovery time. If not chosen wisely, Even herbal weight gainers can harm your health. So, always look for authentic brand products like Detogainer to achieve your bodybuilding goals.

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