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How Low Estrogen Levels Affect Weight Gain In Women?

Estrogen Booster

Estrogen is a hormone that is produced in the ovaries and plays a crucial role in the female reproductive system, but its influence extends beyond fertility. One of the lesser-known aspects of estrogen is its connection to weight regulation in women. It plays a key role in regulating metabolism, appetite, and fat distribution in the female body. However, fluctuations in estrogen levels can directly impact weight gain and body composition. Read on to know how low estrogen levels affect weight gain in women and explore the potential role of herbal estrogen booster supplements in maintaining hormonal balance.

How Low Estrogen Levels Affect Weight Gain

1. Lower Metabolic Rate:

Estrogen helps to regulate metabolic rate when is at optimal levels. When the estrogen levels are optimal, the metabolic rate tends to be higher, leading to more efficient calorie burning and weight maintenance. In the same way, when the estrogen levels are low, the metabolic rate will slow down which will affect the calorie-burning process.

2. Overeating:

Estrogen hormone directly interacts with neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate hunger and satiety. Lower estrogen levels are associated with decreased feelings of fullness and increased appetite, which can lead to overeating and weight gain.

3. Insulin Sensitivity:

Estrogen also helps in maintaining insulin sensitivity, which is very crucial for regulating blood sugar levels. The insulin resistance that is often seen during low estrogen levels can lead to weight gain, particularly around the stomach, thighs, and buttocks.

4. Fat Distribution:

Estrogen influences where fat is stored in the body. Females tend to store more fat in the hips, thighs, and buttocks, giving them a pear-shaped physique. However, due to low estrogen levels or hormonal imbalance, the fat distribution shifts towards the abdomen, leading to an increase in visceral fat, which is associated with a higher risk of chronic diseases and weight gain.

Factors that Fluctuate Estrogen Levels

Rapid fluctuations in estrogen levels can impact weight gain in the following ways:

1. Menstrual Cycle:

During the menstrual cycle, estrogen levels fluctuate, peaking during ovulation and dropping just before menstruation. Some women experience water retention and bloating during their premenstrual phase due to estrogen fluctuations. However, this fluctuation is temporary and not indicative of long-term weight gain.

2. Menopause:

Declining estrogen levels during menopause can affect metabolism, reduce muscle mass, and increase abdominal fat which will directly lead to weight gain. The main reason of rapid weight gain is due to alterations in insulin sensitivity, lipid metabolism, energy expenditure, and changes in fat distribution patterns.

3. Medication:

Taking birth control pills can affect estrogen levels, potentially leading to weight gain in many women. However, the extent of weight gain varies depending on individual factors and the specific type of contraceptive used.

Best Herbal Estrogen Booster Supplement For Maintaining Optimal Estrogen Levels

Herbal estrogen boosting supplements like Lactax capsules help improve estrogen levels and support hormonal balance. Fluctuations in estrogen levels can significantly affect weight gain and body composition. Lactax is formulated with natural ingredients that help in maintaining optimal estrogen levels, boost energy and stamina, and aim to regulate hormonal balance to avoid fluctuations and support women's health, potentially aiding in weight management. It also facilitates toned breasts and nourishes reproductive organs. Taking recommended dosage of Lactax promotes lean muscle growth, alleviates menopausal symptoms, and promotes hormonal balance.


Estrogen plays a crucial role in women's wellness as it regulates metabolism and maintains fat distribution. However, the fluctuations in estrogen levels can lead to weight gain, particularly during hormonal changes like menopause or pregnancy. To maintain optimum estrogen levels herbal estrogen booster supplement like Lactax is needed. Along with that navigating hormonal changes, developing personalized strategies, and changing unhealthy habits can help you maintain optimal weight and overall well-being.

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