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Natural PHYTO ESTROGEN Booster, Facilitates Optimum Estrogen Levels

Packing of 60 CAPS

    5 Reviews


You Pay: ₹1060.00


LACTAX CAPSULES – Natural PHYTO ESTROGEN Booster Supplements

A premium and special rejuvenation formula for females

Key Features and Benefits

  • Facilitates Toned and firm breast

  • Facilitates optimum estrogen levels

  • Nourishes & strengthens reproductive organs

  • Boosts energy and stamina

  • Promotes lean muscle growth

  • Relieves stress sustains youthful enthusiasm

Key Ingredients

  • Asparagus racemosus (Natural phyto-estrogen, female rejuvenation)

  • Pueraria tuberose (Enhances strength and muscle tissue growth)

  • Withania somnifera (Relieves stress and promotes muscle growth)

  • Heptadenia reticulate (Facilitates growth of mammary glands)

Recommended Usage

Two capsules twice daily for eight to twelve weeks before meals. Since its is a rich source of natural Phyto-estrogen this product offers sustainable benefits in females from puberty thru menopause, promotes firm and super toned breast, promotes lactation in nursing mothers, strengthens reproductive organs, relieves stress, boost youthful energy and stamina.

What Our

Customers Says


NehaVerified Buyer

LACTAX Capsules – My Feminine Power Boost!

As a fitness enthusiast, maintaining optimum estrogen levels is crucial for me. LACTAX Capsules have been a game-changer. The natural phytoestrogens in Asparagus racemosus truly rejuvenate my feminine energy. I've experienced firmer breasts and enhanced muscle growth, making these capsules a vital part of my daily routine.


Ritka PandeyVerified Buyer

A Stress Reliever with a Bonus!

In the corporate hustle, stress is inevitable. LACTAX not only helps relieve stress with Withania somnifera but also surprises me with lean muscle growth. The blend of ingredients has significantly boosted my energy levels, leaving me more resilient and ready to face challenges. An unexpected perk in a capsule!


Aarohi SharmaVerified Buyer

My Secret Stamina Source!

Being a fitness freak, stamina is my ultimate need. Pueraria tuberose in LACTAX is my secret weapon for enhanced strength and muscle tissue growth. This supplement has not only fueled my workouts but also helped in maintain a toned physique


AnayaVerified Buyer

Empowering Femininity Naturally

LACTAX has truly empowered my feminine side. The growth of mammary glands facilitated by Heptadenia reticulate has given me confidence. Alongside promoting lean muscle growth, it's like a natural beauty and strength enhancer. A wonderful choice for those seeking holistic well-being.


Vandana MehtaVerified Buyer

Youthful Vigor Unleashed!

LACTAX has sustained my youthful enthusiasm, just as promised. The natural phyto-estrogens and stress-relieving properties are a dynamic duo. Not only do I feel rejuvenated, but the boost in energy and stamina is palpable. This supplement has become my daily ritual for a vibrant life!

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