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Top 6 Chest Exercises To Build Your Inner Chest

Are you training yourself hard every single day in the gym to get more defined and ripped inner chest but didn't get the desired results? It may be because your diet isn't quite good, or maybe you’re incorporating exercises that involve heavy punching bags but your punches don’t have enough strength or you’re just missing out some strength to do it properly. And that's why after spending all of your time working on the inner chest, the shape isn’t there yet. It may sound like you are not doing good or hard enough to build your inner pecs. But the thing is that your inner chest is responsible for so much of the movement of your arms. And it is easy to miss out on the exercises that will pump up your chest muscles. So, don't worry, and read this blog to learn about the top 6 inner chest exercises that will pump up your chest muscles and more importantly the benefits of doing these exercises.

Best Exercises to Build Your Inner Chest

1. Chest Dips:

Chest dips are perfect for developing the lower pec muscles and contribute to inner chest development. This exercise helps to fully activate your pecs and is an excellent compound exercise. Not just your inner chest but Chest dips are also good for developing your upper chest which should always be your goal in the long run.

How to do it

1. First, grab the bar with both hands and lean forward slightly.          
2. After that, open your elbows slightly up.           
3. Now, move your knees forward to make a slight C shape with your body.           
4. Engage your core and dip your body down towards the ground and after that raise yourself up until your arms are fully extended.          
5. Hold for a moment and repeat the process again.     

2. Dumbell Chest Flyes:

Dumbbell chest fly is pretty easy exercise to do and takes advantage of arm rotation to hit your inner chest. Doing this exercise with dumbbells allows for better positioning of your hands. Additionally, the dumbbell chest flyers are much more effective than the dumbbell bench press.

How to do it

1. Start by lying down flat on a bench and hold a pair of dumbbells in a hammer grip.          
2. Lift your arms up with the weights straight over your chest without locking your elbows.           
3. After that, lower the dumbbell weights down to either side while maintaining a slight elbow bend, keeping your shoulders engaged on the bench.          
4. Now bring them back up into the starting position and twist them back into the hammer position you started with and repeat.         

3. Dumbbell Pullover:

Dumbbell pullovers are amazing for your inner and lower chest, and the best thing is, this exercise is pretty easy to pack on a lot of weight here as you progress. It helps in preserving arm rotation while hitting your back and inner chest. This exercise can also be done with barbells or resistance bands. So, you’re not limited to dumbbells if you don't have dumbbells.

How to do it

1. First set yourself properly by lying down on a bench.           
2. Hold your dumbbell in a hammer grip and start extending your arms over your head in line.           
3. Hold there for a moment and then bring the weight backward slowly and parallel your arms to the bench.            
4. Repeat the same thing until you’ve finished your set.

Tip: You can try raising your hips off of the bench if you’re struggling to balance the weight.

4. High-to-Low Cable Flyes:

This exercise is a staple move when you are trying to put together strength and mass. It is really good for your middle-inner chest muscles.

How to do it

1. Adjust the handles on a dual cable machine just above your shoulder height.          
2. Hold the handle with each hand like you make a fist.           
3. Step into the center of the cable machine and step forward slightly ahead of the station. This is your starting position.           
4. Now start pushing your arms downward toward your navel by keeping your arms angled slightly at the elbow.          
5. Squeeze the end position for a few seconds in order to maintain tension on the inner and lower chest.          
6. Now return to your starting position and repeat the exercise.          

5. Diamond Push-ups:

Say goodbye to your standard push-ups and start diamond push-ups for better chest muscles. For a calisthenic exercise, this exercise is amazing at what they set out to do because this exercise is a prime example of using your body’s full natural range of motion to achieve results.

How to do it

1. Get down and put your hands together in a diamond shape with your index fingers and thumbs touching each other.          
2. Now, start by extending your arms so your upper body is raised away from the floor.          
3. Keep your back in a straight line and lower yourself down by keeping your elbows slightly tucked in.          
4. Stop before touching the floor with your chest and put yourself back up to the starting position and repeat.          

6. Plate Squeeze Press:

The plate squeeze press exercise is generally used to target the trickiest areas of your chest by using brute-forcing motions. It’s pretty simple, and something that you can add into your workout routine without scrounging up any more equipment.

How to do it

1. Set up on a flat bench, and hold a plate in between the palm of your hands.          
2. Bring the plate towards the middle of your chest, after that push your shoulders back a little bit.          
3. Now, push your hands back out until your arms are forward and slightly upwards.           
4. Bring the weight back towards your chest and repeat the process.          

Benefits of Doing Inner Chest Exercise

1. Strengthening Muscles:

Inner chest exercises not only strengthen your chest muscles but also strengthen and tone the muscles of your shoulders and upper back. This is because chest workout is effective for building biceps, triceps and deltoids.

2. Upper Body Workout:

Inner chest exercise is not only beneficial for chest muscles but is also effective as upper body exercise that involves shoulders, back muscles, triceps, etc.

3. Improves Athletic Power:

Apart from building chest muscles, doing inner chest workout also builds and improves athletic power.

4. Engaging Abdominal Muscles:

Doing inner chest workouts, especially chest flyers, challenges both chest and core muscles enough to strengthen and tone them.

5. Improves Blood Circulation:

Chest workout enables better flow of blood, which makes it more beneficial than just strengthening and building your chest muscles.


Inner chest exercises are guaranteed to up your chest game. By using your body’s natural range of motion you can easily build muscle in tricky areas too. But don't forget to take time to rest in order to allow your body to repair the muscles and keep your nutrition balanced. So, start your chest game now to get that fully rounded chest in no time.

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