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Reasons Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Weight Loss Supplements

We all know losing weight is a very slow process which doesn’t happen as quickly as we want. If you are exercising regularly, checking your calorie intake, and not even eating junk food but still not losing weight then this blog is really going to be very helpful for you. As you’re not alone or the only one in the never-ending process of hard work who makes unsuccessful attempts to lose your unnecessary weight. There may be some common primary reasons that make your attempt unsuccessful such as eating more healthy food, inadequate exercise, lack of quality sleep, etc. This blog contains common mistakes or reasons that tell you why you’re not losing weight.

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the factors for not losing weight. According to research, people who slept four to five hours are more obese than those who slept for eight to nine hours. It makes it clear who slept properly are more healthy and energetic as improper sleep makes you hungry even if you’re not due to ghrelin hormone.

By learning to sleep well, you may have energy and a happier environment. Having proper sleep helps you to feel good mentally and physically.

2. Not Eating Enough Protein

Protein and fiber are the main two nutrients for losing weight. Consuming 20-25% of protein can boost your metabolism by 80-90% per day. It drastically reduces hunger pangs and the desire for munching. Recent studies show that people who eat high protein breakfast are more energetic throughout the day. Eating protein-rich food helps to boost metabolism and prevent weight regain.

3. Not Drinking Water Properly

Drinking water can also help to boost your weight loss journey. In a recent study people who drank water before a meal can lose 30-40% more weight. Not just one but there are multiple benefits of drinking water i.e. helps in aiding digestion, carrying nutrients and oxygen to cells. It supports normalizing blood pressure, prevents constipation, stabilizing heartbeat, and protecting tissues and organs. Keep you hydrated and protect against heatstroke.

According to the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine women should drink up to 2.7 liters of fluids and for men 3.7 liters is beneficial. Always track your water intake. Try to make detox water for yourself by adding lemon, lime, mint leaves, and cucumber to your water which also shape up your tummy area.

4. Medical Condition

Due to some medical conditions, it is difficult to lose weight. Conditions that cause weight gain are PCOS, Sleep apnea, Thyroid, Diabetes, high blood pressure, and so on. Some other factors are sex differences, genes, Age-related changes, the influence of hormones, and according to your body type. If you are not losing weight even changing your regular diet and exercise then kindly tell your doctor. They saw your condition and consult you better.

5. Exercising more and eating less or vice-versa

These two factors can hinder your weight loss efforts. Eating healthier food can also stop or slow down your weight loss process. And not to forget exercise properly as exercise is a crucial element in weight loss. Start by looking at your overall weight loss performance to get a sense of how much you exercise regularly.

Experts recommend 30-90 minutes of workout per day for better weight loss. But if you exercise too hard on a daily basis then there is excess inflammation in your body. It is important to be consistent during your weight loss journey. So, remember that your weight comes down by 70% of the diet and 30% of exercise. You can use natural supplements from Detonutrition to boost your weight loss journey. As they provide natural supplements that increase metabolism and with no side effects at all.

6. Binge eater and watcher

Most people including myself are binge-watch lovers. But it’s not good as there are many negative health effects of binge-watching. These include back problems, anxiety, depression, lack of oxygen consumption, broader waistline, and lack of physical activity, and so on. The side effects of binge eating are abdominal pain, nausea, bloating, sluggishness, and sleepiness because it overloads your stomach with so many carbs and sugar.

If you want to get back on track then go for a walk, take a nap, stay hydrated, and try yoga. Keep you full-on veggies and avoid skipping meals after binge watch and try to use an activity tracker. Activity tracker tells you that how much time you spend on binge-watch, at the gym, etc.

7. Not Eating Whole Foods

Consult your dietician to make an ideal weight loss diet for you which includes whole foods. Same diets never work in long term. Supplement your diet by ensuring that your food sources have whole and organic sources. Always remember to not stick on the same diet as your body no longer reacts with the same type of weight loss diet.

Eating whole foods can improve your health and regulate your appetite. Stick to the single-ingredient foods as much as possible to see weight loss in the mirror faster. Whole Foods are fruits, vegetables, lentils, nuts, seeds, whole grains, eggs, meat, fish, and legumes. Say Big No to processed food as it could ruin your weight loss.

8. Taking More Stress

Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix says “When you’re stressed all the time, you may find yourself feeling too overwhelmed to think about a well-balanced meal and instead buy whatever’s convenient”. That means when you’re in stress you eat unhealthily or comfort more to feel relaxed and soothe their intense feelings. If you are doing this regularly then you are in big trouble because it could ruin your weight loss diet.

Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix said that Stress can be the outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of sleep or a busy schedule. What she points more is that stress eaters eats more than normal eater which will give a negative impact on weight as well as health. Increasing stress can decrease sleep hours, skipping workouts, feeling down, fatigued, and so on. Try to listen to music, take herbal stress reducer supplement, do yoga or meditation to reduce binge eating, stress and emotional eating.

9. Low Metabolism

As you know metabolism plays an important role in weight loss. A person having high metabolism will burn more calories than having low metabolism. Signs that show you have slow metabolism are gaining weight, sugar craving, easily develop cellulite, taking more time to lose weight, etc.

According to a recent study muscle mass declines about 4% each decade from ages 25 to 50. This shows that the metabolism rate also depends on age. If you don’t preserve your muscle mass then there will be fewer chances of losing weight as lean muscle burns more calories or fat.

In order to increase metabolism rate several things need to be done that are eating the right amount of calories, try to lift weight, Exercise regularly, increase your daily movement, etc.

10. Addicted to Junk Food

Eating junk food once or twice a week can also make you fat instead of losing weight. There are several causes of eating junk food regularly. These are type-2 diabetes, loss of memory, depression, learning problems, increased obesity, inadequate growth, and development.

It’s common to have junk food once a month but eating junk food on regular basis or once in a week neglects your weight loss efforts.

According to recent research, exercise alone may not contribute to substantial weight loss without sufficient changes to the diet.

11. Eating More Calories

Eating too many calories troubles you from losing weight. If you are not losing weight, try to check the weight and calories of your meal. Use helpful resources or applications to count your calorie intake. Your weight loss seems to come to a standstill if you eat too many calories without counting it.

I know it seems difficult counting calories every day but try to use this technique every few days or months so that you know which food is more beneficial for you. According to research, people underestimate their calorie intake which makes them obese later. As it’s an important factor in weight loss that is how many calories you’re consuming versus how many you’re burning. Intermittent fasting is also a good option for losing fat.

12. Drinking Too Much Sugar And Alcohol

Enjoying sugary drinks and alcohol are full of calories or fattening things in beverages. There are many healthy beverages on the market which are also loaded with sugar. Avoiding sugary beverages is a great strategy to lose weight. Even packed fruit juices also have sugar.

But if you are planning to have a glass of drink then tries to avoid high-fat meals or snacks. Try to pick healthier or fewer calorie drinks like brut- champagne instead of extra dry champagne, vodka. Others are tequila over ice with two juices fresh lime with a dash of soda, light beer. You can have one glass of these drinks once a month if you don’t want to hinder the efforts you made a month before.

13. Using Big Plates

Adequate food portion seems miserable and less on big plates. Use 6-inch cereal bowl for breakfast cereal and an 8-10inch plate for dinner can help make you’re serving generous and adequate. You can use vegetables and salads for filling gaps on the plate.

According to short-term studies controlling portion sizes limits calorie intake and also helps you to manage weight. So try to use smaller plates now.

14. Starving For Too Long

Starving yourself for too long is not a good option for weight loss as intermittent fasting is totally a different thing. If you have been trying to gain a bit of muscle then try to maintain fat 1-2 months before start dieting again. Simply take a break for 2 months.

Starving too long can gain weight instead of losing as your body starts reserving calories. Side effects of starvation include gaining more weight, fatigue, weakness, faintness, dehydration, thyroid malfunction, hypotension, etc.

15. Eating Mindlessly

Eating mindfully promotes healthy attitude toward food, lifestyle, and body image. For learning mindful eating you should know about two things and that is emotional and physical hunger.

According to research, people with mindful eating habits are more self-esteem, less depressed, anxiety and less risk of getting eating disorders. It is also known as one of the most powerful tools for weight loss. It’s all about eating in a peaceful environment without any distraction that tells your brain that your stomach is full now.

Numerous studies show that being mindful can be beneficial for weight loss, health and reduce binge eating. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly and at last, some drinking water can also aid in digestion also.

16. Eating More carbohydrates

Eating more carbs and less protein makes you fat. So try to cut down carbs and those foods which are high in carbohydrates. Aim to eat a low-carb diet that can help you to lose weight and control diabetes as cake, candies and sugary drinks are high in carbs. Try to avoid high carbs foods in a low-carb diet that includes bread and grains, starchy vegetables and fruits, pasta, cereal, beer, sugar, chips, crackers, etc.

Many researchers found that a low-carb diet is more beneficial as compared to low fat diet. In a randomized trial of a low carb diet research in England found that the people who are in the low carb diet group lost 7% more body weight as compared to low-fat group.

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Here are some frequently asked question answers that people ask whenever they not losing weight:-

Q.1 Why is it hard for an obese person to lose weight?

Ans:- Obese or overweight people do not have that much calorie-burning capacity to exercise. It also happens due to microbiota in our guts. The only way for an obese person to sustain weight loss is to address the biological entry barrier. There are three ways to minimize barriers that are surgeries, medications, and increasing exercise capacity. Remember do not start or stop medication on your own.

Q.2 Are Fat Loss supplements are safe to consume?

Ans:- Yes, Fat Loss supplements are safe to consume if taken with the recommended dosage. Consuming more than that may affect your health or stop working for you. Remember to check out the ingredients of the supplement had. Some people get allergic to some of the ingredients. So, to avoid any reaction, use nature-derived or herbal supplements rather than those synthetic supplements that may affect your health.

Q.3 Why you are not losing weight while working out twice a day?

Ans:- During a workout you are building muscle and reducing your excess fat. Over-exercising can cause muscle breakdown which means you are losing muscle rather than building it. It also affects hormones that can elevate your blood sugar level and increase your food cravings, appetite. So, always remember not to do over-exercise.

Q.4 Does retaining water make you look fat?

Ans: – Yes, retaining water makes you look fat as water builds up in the body causes bloating, puffiness, weight fluctuation. Especially in the abdomen, legs, joints, and arms water retained. The common cause of water retention is consuming too much salt. Other reasons are not drinking enough water, eating too many carbs, exercising too much, and not getting enough sleep. Taking more electrolytes is more beneficial for you. Try to reduce sodium intake, stay hydrated, sleep properly, and monitor your carbs intake. Because of water retention, your scale may not shows you lose weight but you might lose some fat.

So, above are the main reasons that make a barrier in your weight loss journey. Always keep in mind all the above-mentioned things when you try to lose some weight. As weight loss is not an easy process. It’s all about proper exercising and dieting.

Use natural supplements to boost your weight loss journey. Detonutrition provides you herbal fat loss supplements that boost metabolism and improves stamina. Not just that it also helps in suppressing the hunger craving which means less eating and less eating means more fat loss. And YES! No side effects at all. Their supplement makes you energetic all day. Just take one capsule empty stomach in the morning and one after lunch to see fast and good results within a month. You can also visit their site to see multiple products related to weight loss, weight gain, body detox, blood purifier, and so on.

In the end, proper dedication and self-discipline help you in changing weight and your lifestyle. As not all the healthy body looks like same so, try to focus all the things that your body like. Focusing on all the things in your body helps you to improve your body image.

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