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Joint & Ligament Support Formula, Facilitates Free Joint Mobility
Packing of 60 CAPS

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JLS PRO CAPSULES (Joint Pain Relief Tablets)

A Powerful Fast Acting JOINT & LIGAMENT Support capsules

Key features and benefits of JLS PRO capsules:

  • Facilitates Free Joint Mobility
  • Repair Ligament Wear & Tear
  • Relieves Pain & Inflammation
  • Increase Exercise Endurance

Key ingredients of the formulation and its usage:

  • Boswellia serrate (Reduces Inflammation, Joint Pains, and Helps Maintain Joint Muscle Flexibility)
  • Vitex negundo (Muscle Relaxant, Relieves Pain, Anti-Anxiety, Fibromyalgia)
  • Withania somnifera (Strengthens Tissue, Muscle, Bones, Ligaments, Chronic Fatigue, Anti Inflammatory, Stress Reliever)
  • Vanda roxburghi (Ligament Support and Prevents Inflammation)

Recommended usage of JLS PRO capsules(Joint Pain Relief Tablets):

One to Two capsules are recommended with water milk or juice twice a day depending on severity of pain, inflammation and nature of injury and constraint.

Sports Injuries, Back Pain, Fibro myalgia, Sciatica, Inflammation of Joints etc. may require only one to four weeks of usage. Whereas Rheumatoid or Osteoarthritis and Certain Chronic Pains, Inflammation may require longer treatment.

Pain And Inflammation is mostly relieved quickly, however it is recommended to continue usage for two to three days after experiencing relief to prevent recurrence.