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Joint Pain Relief Oil, Premium Super Strong Pain Relief Formula

Packing of 220ML

    5 Reviews


You Pay: ₹1150.00


KALJESIC OIL – Joint Pain Relief Oil

A Premium Super-Effective Joint & Ligament Pain Relief Oil

Warnings - Not for internal use, don’t apply on cuts and open wounds, keep away from children, keep in cool dark place

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instant relief from pain & Inflammation

  • Repairs muscle, ligament joint wear and tear

  • Restores smooth joint & body mobility

  • Long duration relief and action

  • Increases endurance for strenuous activities/ exercises

  • Pleasant aroma relieves stress and tension

  • Elevates mood

Key Ingredients

  • Mahamash oil (cervical, muscle & Ligament pain)

  • Mahanarayana oil (pain in back, calf muscles & Ribs)

  • mahavishgarbha oil ( joint pain, muscle& ligament pain)

  • Wintergreen oil (musculoskeletal disorders)

  • Eucalyptus oil (strained ligaments and stiff muscles)

Recommended Usage

Apply 5 to 10 ml of oil to the affected area. Rub gently in a circular motion for two to three times a day for better results. APPLY TWO HOURS BEFORE OR AFTER BATHING. For joint pain & stiffness of joints, sciatica, lumbago, backache, cervical pain, pain in calf & muscles, sports injuries, sprains, muscle & ligament wear and tear due to extensive workouts, improves integrity of muscles, ligaments, and joints, and increases physical endurance.

What Our

Customers Says


ArjunVerified Buyer

Gym Buddy for Tough Workouts

My gym sessions used to leave me aching for days. Kalgesic Oil is my new post-workout ritual. It soothes sore muscles, repairs wear and tear, and keeps me pushing limits without the next-day agony. Definitely recommend!


PriyaVerified Buyer

Stress Relief in a Bottle

Kalgesic Oil isn't just for physical pain. The aroma is pure heaven, and relaxes my mind like a spa day. Plus, it eases backaches from hunching over my laptop. Now, work deadlines don't come with tension headaches anymore!


Pawan SharmaVerified Buyer

Winter's Worst Nightmare No More

Winters used to mean joint pain for everyone in the house. Kalgesic Oil has become our winter weapon! Mahamash for neck spasms, Mahanarayana for backaches, it works for all of us. Now, winter brings family fun, not joint groans.


Naval MalhotraVerified Buyer

Endurance Booster

Kalgesic Oil impressed me. It's like a gentle repair crew for overworked muscles, restoring mobility and increasing endurance. I recommend it and use it myself for those long runs!


Nagendra AvasthiVerified Buyer

Good Relief Oil

The pain relief is real, can't deny that. But the price makes me wince. Maybe for special occasions, not everyday aches. If it were more affordable, I'd give it a full five stars.

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