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How To Increase Muscle Pump At Gym

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Achieving an intense muscle pump when you just finished a set of workout is a special feeling that any gym goes, bodybuilder, and athlete must know. Muscle pumps when you work out and train your specific muscles with proper concentration and focus. Training your specific muscle rushes more blood to your muscles and fuel up your muscle nerves with water as lactic acid starts building up in your muscles that cause each muscle cell to swell up which later makes your muscles look bigger. However, it stays for a short time period and then decreases gradually. If you want to keep your muscles pumped for a long time period after your workout, then make sure your muscles are nourished well by taking proper rest, diet, and adequately focused training

Ways to Increase Your Muscle Pump at Gym

How To Increase Muscle Pump At Gym

Here are some ways on how you can increase your muscle pump for a prolonged time period at the gym.

1. Consume complex Carbs:

Consuming complex carbohydrates play an important role to increase muscle pump at gym time. Eating a low-carb diet will lack your gym sessions. On the other hand, eating a high-carb diet containing complex carbohydrates fuel up your workout and give your muscles enough water. You can take quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, oats, yams, whole grain bread, pasta, and fruits.

2. Increase your Reps:

Increasing your reps are one of the best ways to pump up muscles. Most beginners usually perform around the 8-10 rep range, and it is totally fine for getting proper balance between both size and strength. But, if you want to have that super intense muscle pump just like superman, you need to do more reps at least 40-50 with lesser weights. A higher number of reps in one set can increase heart rate and blood flow in your body that will keep your muscles pumped longer.

3. Super Sets Are Super Effective:

There are two main types of supersets that help you to get a huge muscle pump at the gym. The first type contains multiple exercises that target the same muscle. While the second type contains those exercises that work opposing muscle groups. Super Sets help you to achieve more in the same time frame but the condition is you have to work more and restless between your sets.

4. Increase your water intake:

We all know that water does not provide energy as carbohydrates and protein does, but still, water is important. Do you know why? Because water helps to make over half of our blood in the body, consuming a good amount of water during or post-workout will keep you hydrated and balance your muscles to keep them pumped for a longer time period.

5. Increase your Nitric oxide level (most important):

Having High-level Nitric oxide works wonders if you want a crazy pump. Nitric oxide is a free radical molecule that is naturally produced in our body. It helps to relax the blood vessel’s inner muscles which cause them to widen up. The more nitric oxide you have, the more pumps you get. You can also take herbal supplements to increase the level of nitric oxide.

What foods give you a pump in the gym?

Foods for Muscle Pump At Gym

There are n numbers of food that are also known as the best pre-workout meals to get the ultimate pump at the gym that includes:

1. Peanut butter and banana Sandwich:

A peanut butter and banana Sandwich is the best, easy and most portable option to get an adequate amount of protein and carbs before doing the workout. You can also avoid bananas in your sandwich if you don’t want to eat that, but make sure you use unflavored peanut butter for better results.

2. Oatmeal with blueberries:

If your digestive system runs slow, then this meal is best for you. Oatmeal is easy to digest and also high in fiber content to give you an adequate amount of energy that you really need to perform in the gym. Blueberries add extra nutritional value in your diet and help to repair muscles.

3. Apples with almond butter and raisins:

If you are cutting weight to maintain your lean physique or don’t want to have a heavy meal before a workout then this pre-workout meal is best for you. You can eat this as a snack. One Apple with two teaspoons of almond butter and a handful of raisins provide a good amount of fiber and make your pre-workout meal light while helping you stay full for a longer time period.

4. Greek yogurt with berries:

Greek yogurt or hung curd with berries is another super easy option for a pre-workout meal. It is a good source of protein and helps in muscle recovery. If you want to make hung curd at home then just take a big bowl, in a bowl place muslin cloth and pour the curd in that cloth. Let the curd strain in the fridge for a few hours and TADAA!! It’s ready.

5. Whole-fruit smoothie:

If you are aiming for a bulkier physique then whole fruit smoothie is a complete package for you. To make your whole fruit smoothie, you can take any fruit except water based fruits like citrus fruits or watermelon. Blend your non-water based fruit with flax seeds, oatmeal, pumpkin seeds, nut butter and dates.

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How detonutrition helps you get intense muscle pump at the gym?

Detonutrition is a wellness company which provides premium herbal products that give faster results with no side-effects at all. Detonutrition’s deto intense pump is an herbal supplement that increases nitric oxide level and supports the ultimate muscle pump. It contains herbal ingredients like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline which naturally increase nitric oxide level and support muscle development and recovery. Not just that it also helps in increasing workout performance and improves blood flow.

Recommended Usage:

It is suggested to take 4 tablets before workout or between meals for faster and optimum results.

Note: It is suggested to not take this supplement if you are under 18 or pregnant or breastfeeding or having any kidney/liver disease. Additionally, it is important to consult your doctor before taking muscle pump supplements if you are suffering from kidney or liver-related disease.

Some Frequently Asked Questions :

1. Why does your pump go away so fast?

Ans: Everybody’s muscle pump only lasts for a shorter period of time. However if you think your pump is still going away faster than your friends or gym buddies then keep yourself stress-free. Keeping yourself stress-free throughout the day helps you to release happy hormones like dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins that cause muscle pump. If you are stressed out, then your body is releasing cortisol into your blood that later causes loss of muscle pump. So, stay happy and stress-free for a better pump that lasts long.

2. Do carbohydrates give better muscle pump or not?

Ans: Yes, carbohydrates do give better pump. Consuming complex carbohydrates like quinoa, brown rice, potatoes, oats, yams, whole grain bread and pasta, fruits before workout contributes to the ultimate pumped appearance in your body due to increased blood flow. This is because your body converts carbohydrates into glucose, and that glucose is stored in your muscles as glycogen.

3. How long does a muscle pump last?

Ans: A pump lasts for 2–3 hours after your workout but you can make your pump last longer by taking herbal supplements, increasing your water intake, stretching, and staying stress-free.

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