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6 Major Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Weight Despite Eating Enough

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Gaining weight might seem simple but trust me it’s not for many of us. There are many underweight teenagers who are trying hard to gain a healthy weight but after trying several things still, they aren’t succeeding. Only these people know how difficult and frustrating it can be. To gain a healthy weight, your body needs proper macronutrients from healthy food. It also depends on your lifestyle and day-to-day habits. Read on to know the six major reasons that tell you why you are not gaining weight even after putting so much effort into your daily routine.

Common reasons you are not gaining weight

1. Not Eating Enough

It is a fact that Mass doesn’t increase overnight. Calorie Surplus is one of the important factors to gain weight which means you have to consume extra calories than usual in order to gain weight. A high-calorie diet is also an ideal option for those who have a high metabolism. So, if you are not consuming extra calories, start it now.

To fix your diet, first, you should know about your daily calorie goal based on your weight and body type. If you are hitting your calorie target every week and still not gaining weight, add 5 percent more calorie intake to your diet. For a good start, you can add 400-600 extra calories to your daily diet.

For better results, you can make a meal plan and track your calorie consumption every week. You can take the help of your trainer or physician with your daily calorie intake target and meal plan.

2. You are Doing Too Much Cardio

It’s true that cardio keeps your body fit and healthy. But it’s not right for everyone, doing too much cardio is not good when your goal is to gain mass. It hinders your muscle mass growth.

To fix this, Put your cardio at the minimum and do resistance training exercises like weight lifting to tone your body and increase your strength.

3. Inappropriate Exercise

When it comes to weight gain, you usually do intense workouts to increase muscle or body mass. But smart training and hard training are two different things. Smart training is the training that stimulates your body. Just lifting dumbbells in the gym and work out until you fully exhaust will only affect your health.

To fix this, it is important for you to do limited exercise and understand the right posture and movements to grow muscle mass. You will gain proper muscle growth if you do the right amount of exercise with consistency and sufficient rest. You can plan your workout routines so that you don’t overdo them.

4. Eating Enough but Not Consuming Right Macronutrients

Next reason for not gaining weight is the lack of nutrition. Weight gain is not just a regular exercise and eating more, you have to take the right nutrition at the right times. If you are not doing this then you will not get the results you want. Balanced nutrition helps muscles to repair and grow stronger.

To consume nutrients in the right manner, calculate your daily calorie target and compare that with your daily calorie intake. Also analyze the quantity of protein, carbohydrates, and other nutrients in the foods you are consuming. Now, based on your calorie aim, you can add the right foods to your meal plan. In this way, your body will get the proper nutrition needed to gain weight. We are in the age of unhealthy eating habits and impure food supplies. So, there’s no doubt to say that your diet is not able to fulfill the nutritional requirements. In this case, you can take the help of multimineral supplements.

Tip: It is common that people don’t know about daily calorie needs and nutritional foods. Even calorie need is not same for everyone. It depends on body type and weight goals. So, for this, you can consult your physician; he/she will do it for you.

5. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep plays an important role in human growth because your body grows during sleep. Lack of sleep may result in many health problems. In terms of muscle mass, lack of sleep disrupts muscle growth. During intense workouts, your muscle fibers break and need time to heal themselves and the best time for repair is during sleep. So, Sleep is helpful in muscle recovery also. So, the only solution to this problem is to sleep 8-10 hours every night so that your body can grow without any problem. To make it simple, you charge our mobile at night so that you can use its all functions without any trouble on next day. Do the same thing with the body, give your body enough sleeping hours to make it work in the best condition the next day. If you are not having a comfortable sleep due to anxiety or stress, Detocalm will help you to get relief from anxiety, stress, etc., and give you sound sleep. It also enhances your muscle recovery rate.

6. Inconsistency

Whether it is weight loss or weight gain, consistency is the key. However, if your goal is to gain weight and you are not achieving your daily calorie target every day or not taking enough sleep regularly then you will not be able to get the desired results. To achieve your weight-gaining goals, you have to stick to your rest, workout, and nutritional routines.

Common Causes of Underweight

If your ancestors have low BMI then it is possible that you may also have some physical characteristics. Causes of Underweight


If your ancestors have low BMI then it is possible that you may also have some physical characteristics.

Chronic Disease:

Diseases like Vomiting, Nausea, and Diarrhea disrupt the proper functioning of the body prevent your body from weight gain.

High Metabolism:

A person with high metabolism digests food faster than others which leads to a fast calorie burn rate. So, it is difficult for them to gain weight easily even after consuming high-calorie foods.

Mental Illness:

Mental Problems like stress, depression, and anxiety reduce a person’s ability to eat. Therefore, lack of appetite leads to nutrition deficiency and unhealthy weight loss.

Underweight Problems and Health Risks

Being underweight can increase the risks of many health problems, not every underweight person suffers from these issues. However, there are some that may experience the following problems:

Risks of Underweight


Lack of Vitamin D along with low body weight can lead to fragile bones. This makes bones more prone to break and may also result in Osteoporosis. To prevent Osteoporosis or to increase your bone health, you can take multivitamin supplements.

Slow Growth and Development:

It has usually seen that underweighted Children and Teens grow slower than others because the body needs more nutrients for physical development and growth.

Weak Immune System:

Lack of nutrients weakens your immunity and increases the risk of diseases. It also decreases the recovery rate of an individual after being sick. People can easily catch cold and other infections.

Hair and Dental Problems:

Low Bodyweight leads to thin hair strands which make them easy to fall. Underweighted people are more prone to dental problems also.


Being Underweight also increases the risk of Anemia which happens due to low red blood cells in your body. People with this condition suffer from headaches, dizziness, and fatigue.

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Q.1 Why is it hard for a skinny person to gain weight?

Ans. When you stay skinny for a long time, the body creates a certain set point of weight where it feels comfortable. So, whenever you try to lose or gain weight, your body will resist changes by regulating appetite and metabolism to stay in a comfortable state and make it difficult for a person to achieve his fitness goal.

Q.2 Can I consume 3000 calories a day with unprocessed food?

Ans. Consuming 3000 calories in a day from healthy foods (whole grains, lentils, fresh fruits, and vegetables) is a challenging task. It’s difficult for lean people to consume many calories only with regular foods. So, to achieve this you can add the natural weight gain supplements like DetoGainer and LMG Pro kit to your diet. These supplements contain all the essential nutrients required for weight gain.

Q.3 Are Mass Gainer supplements safe to consume?

Ans. Yes, mass gainers are safe to consume if taken with the recommended dosage. Consuming more than recommended may affect your health. One more thing you can do is check out the ingredients of these supplements. Check if they are not containing any ingredient that you are allergic to.

Q.4 How sleep helps in gaining weight?

Ans. Sleep is responsible for human growth. You do intense exercises during workouts to gain muscle mass. These workouts break your muscle fibers. During sleep, broken muscle tissues heal and repair themselves to grow stronger which results in muscle mass development. So, you should sleep 8-10 hours every day for healthy muscle recovery.

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