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Premium Heart Support & Cholesterol Control Capsules
Packing of 60 CAPS

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LIPIN-C CAPSULES (Cholesterol Control Tablets)

A Exclusive Heart health & Cholesterol Control Capsules

Key features and benefits of LIPIN-C  capsules:

  • Controls high cholesterol
  • Burns circulating fat from blood
  • Boost up metabolism
  • Helps in fat loss

Key ingredients of the formulation and its usage:

  • Commiphora mukul (hypo lipidimic, fat burner, hypo cholestrolemic )
  • Garcinia combogia (anti-obesity, weight management, inhibits fat synthesis)
  • Fenugreek (regulates appetite, facilitates weight loss)


Recommended usage of LIPIN-C capsules:

Two capsules in the morning and One capsules in the evening before meals.

Recommended for fat loss, burns circulating blood fat, prevents cholesterol absorption, decreases production of cholesterol, improves blood flow, lowers blood cholesterol, energizes body and increases physical endurance.