Joint Pain Relief Supplements :

The Joint is the part of the body where two or more bones are connected to allow movement and Cartilage is a tissue that keeps the joint connected. The most Common Joints in our body are located in the Knees, Shoulders, Elbow, and Hip. Sometimes, an injury or overuse of joints during physical activity can damage our Joints badly. To fix these injuries people use Joint Pain Relief Supplements. Consuming or applying these supplements helps you to recover injuries, reduce inflammation of joints, and restore joints.  Although there can be many causes of joint pain, some of them are as follows

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Causes of Joint pain:

    1. Infection In joint
    2. Inflammation of the Bursae (Bursitis)
    3. Stiffness and Pain in Joints (Arthritis)
    4. Inflammation, Irritation, and swelling of Tendon (Tendonitis)
    5. Bone Fracture, Strain of Ligament
    6. Deficiency of Vitamin D
    7. Gout

Benefits of Joint Relief Supplements:

1. Relief from Pain and Inflammation:

Boswellia present in it is an excellent pain reliever herb that reduces pain and inflammation of joints in no time.

2. Increase Endurance For Physical Exercise:

This Oil Helps in increasing endurance by nourishing and flexing the muscles and joints which results in muscle building.

3. Fix free Joints:

Applying joint pain Oil regularly on free joints helps you fix joints. It also helps In Relieving the Stiffness of Joints and Muscles.

4. Joint- Healing:

Natural Herbs present in Joint relief supplements helps in strengthening and repairing the tissues and muscles.

Key Ingredients in DetoNutrition Best Supplements for Joint Pain

Our Joint Pain and Ligament Support Supplements contain a lot of medicinal herbs that can help in relieving pain, stiffness, inflammation, etc. Here are some of the key elements :

Boswellia Serrate (Shallaki):

Shallaki has been using for many years to cure inflammatory problems associated with Bones and Joints. It is also known as Salai Guggul. Boswellic Acid present in Shallaki has Analgesic Properties that help in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. It is using as a brilliant substitute for pain killers today as it doesn’t have side effects, sugar, or added flavors.

Vitex Negundo (Nirgundi):

It is one of the Ancient herbs for pain-relieving in Ayurveda. Its anti- convulsing and antioxidant properties help in joint recovery in no time.  Nirgundi works well to heal fractures and preventing skin infections.

Vanda Roxburghi:

It is very beneficial for bone-related problems such as Osteoporosis and reduces inflammation of the Joints. Besides Inflammation and pain, it also helps the body to maintain Blood sugar.

Withania Somnifera (Ashwagandha):

It is considered very effective in treating arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective properties. It prevents the traveling of pain signals along with the central nervous system.

How to Consume (JLS Pro) Joint Relief Supplements?

JLS PRO Capsules:

Consumption of one to two Capsules will be good. Consume it twice a day with water, milk, or juice.  It is advised to consume capsules three days more after experiencing relief in Inflammation and pain to fully cure the injury.

Why Buy From Detonutrition?

JLS Pro capsule is made from abundant medicinal herbs that are helpful in all kinds of Body pain. Herbs used in our supplements also help you to prevent future injuries.  Another reason to buy from Detonutrition is that our products don’t have any side effects as they are made from Ayurvedic and Medicinal Herbs. Regular Quality Checks are also done on our Nutritional Supplements for customer’s health, safety, and satisfaction.


Q.1 what are the common symptoms of joint pain?

Ans.1   Following are the most common symptoms of Joint pain

    1. Redness of Joints
    2. Locking of Joints
    3. Weakness in Joints
    4. Stiffness
    5. Cartilage Tear

Q.2 Are there any Side Effects of these supplements?

Ans.2  Detonutrition’s Supplements are made from medicinal and beneficial herbs and there are no side effects of any of our supplements if taken properly.  If you are allergic to any specific ingredient, do check ingredients before consuming supplements or consult a doctor first.

Q.3 How much time Pain Supplements will take to reduce pain and inflammation?

Ans.3 Reduction of Joint Pain and Swelling totally depends on how severe your injury is.  Usually, our Joint pain supplement takes 3-4 weeks even for healing severe injuries.

Q.4 How to Prevent Joint Pain from happening?

Ans.4 You can follow these tips to prevent injuries and Joint Pain :

Always do warm-up exercises before starting a workout. If you are starting a heavy physical activity, it is recommended to build up gradually to reduce the risk of injury.

Manage your weight as excess weight can strain your joints usually knees. Obesity is one of the main factors in developing Arthritis.

Poor Posture is one of the common causes of Joint pain as posture is critical to the alignment of joints. So, always be aware of your posture and sit with a straight-backed chair.

Doing a Workout every day will strengthen your joints to prevent injuries.

Q.5 What is Rheumatoid Arthritis and is JLS pro Capsules helpful against it?

Ans.5 It is a Chronic Disease that causes inflammation and pain in the Joints. It can also damage other body parts as well.  Herbs in JLS pro capsules are Analgesic and Anti-Inflammatory in nature which helps in preventing and curing Arthritis Disorders.