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Multi-Mineral Supplements




Multi-Minerals are essential nutrients for our body as minerals play many roles in the body. As you can usually get minerals from their daily food intake. But when the general diet is unable to fulfill the nutrient requirements.  As a result, you can suffer from malnutrition and other diseases. So, in order to get sufficient vitamins and minerals, you should add multi-mineral supplements to your diet.  These supplements contain multi minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin C, etc. that prevent your body from mineral deficiency. 

Why do we use Multi-Mineral Supplements?

The body converts food into energy in the form of vitamins and minerals to repair cellular damage and to do all the tasks. Sometimes due to certain reasons, when our body is unable to produce sufficient vitamins and minerals. We take external help to fulfill the mineral requirements in the form of multi-mineral supplements. Besides this, Age is another factor for the consumption of multi-mineral supplements.  Well, Osteoporosis is a common disease that occurs in old people. To prevent this, doctors usually suggest to intake vitamin D and calcium-rich foods. Also, People over age 50 need vitamin B-12 because this nutrient is harder to extract from food at this age. So, to get rid of those problems multi-mineral capsules, pills, and powder are taken by the people.

Mineral Deficiency and its Causes:

Your body needs minerals in order to function properly. There are various types of minerals such as zinc, iron, calcium, and potassium. The body needs a specific amount of each mineral. Mineral deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t obtain a particular mineral.  Common reasons for mineral deficiencies are:

Poor Diet:

It is one of the major causes of mineral deficiency nowadays. A diet that includes junk food or doesn’t contain healthy fruits and vegetables can cause mineral deficiency.  People with lactose intolerance can also suffer from mineral deficiency.

Improper Digestion:

Strong Digestive System is necessary for the absorption of nutrients like vitamins and minerals from food.  If you have liver diseases, problem in the gall bladder, intestine, digestive tract, etc then the digestive system may not absorb enough nutrients and you may lack essential minerals.

Types of Mineral Deficiency:

The major reason for mineral deficiency in people is the lack of calcium, potassium, zinc, iron, and calcium.

1. Zinc Deficiency:

The presence of zinc helps the body in protein synthesis, self-healing, growth, and development of the body during childhood and teenage.  Its deficiency can affect our immune system, appetite, and body growth.

2. Calcium Deficiency:

Calcium is an important nutrient for maintaining bone and teeth health. The deficiency of calcium decreases bone density and makes them more prone to fractures and injuries. Lack of Calcium can cause Osteoporosis (Bone Disease).

3. Magnesium Deficiency:

Magnesium plays a crucial role in more than 250 biochemical reactions in our body.  Lack of magnesium can cause muscle cramps, numbness, fatigue, low appetite, etc.

4. Iron Deficiency:

Red blood cells (RBCs) present in our body contain more than 50% of Iron.  Iron is important for Hemoglobin. A lack of iron can cause Anemia.

5. Potassium Deficiency:

Potassium is located inside the cells of our body. It moves nutrients into the cell and terminates the waste.  Potassium is very important for daily activities as it handles signals from nerves and muscles and helps them contract.  Lack of potassium can cause paralysis and heart attack or stroke.

Symptoms of Mineral Deficiency:

Symptoms of a mineral deficiency depend on which mineral our body lacks. But some general symptoms are:
•    Nausea and Vomiting
•    Constipation and bloating
•    Fatigue
•    Slow Mental Development ( Mostly in Kids)
•    Poor Concentration
•    Loss of Appetite
•    Weak Immune System

Benefits of Multimineral Supplements:

•    Multi-mineral supplements contain vitamin D, Calcium, and other nutrients that are essential for your bones. They increase your bone density and protect you from fractures.
•    Consumption of multi-minerals boosts our metabolic rate and increases the absorption of nutrients present in food.
•    Due to the presence of minerals like Zinc, Calcium, Iron, vitamins, Potassium, Magnesium, etc multi-mineral supplements protect us from many severe diseases that can cause due to lack of minerals.
•    If taken during pregnancy, these supplements can prevent birth defects like brain or spinal problems in the newborn baby. Although consult your physician first before taking it during pregnancy state.
•    Besides strong bones, they also increase our energy and help us to stay active and energetic throughout the day.

Buy Multimineral Supplements from Detonutrition :

Detonutrition deals in multimineral capsules (Detomin) and Kits ( Deto Restore and Deto Armour) that provide you with full-body support internally or externally.  Moreover, the Ingredients used in our supplements are natural and have no side effects if taken at the recommended dose.  Our multimineral supplements fulfill the requirement of Zinc, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, and Vitamin C to prevent your body from many mineral deficiency diseases.


Q.1 Who should take Multimineral Supplements?

Ans.1   There are the following people who should take a multi-mineral supplement
•    People who can’t get enough vitamins and minerals from their regular diet
•    Those who are older than 50 should take these supplements to fulfill the requirement for vitamin D
•    People who are intolerant to dairy products or have food allergies

Q.2 How to Choose the Right Multi-Mineral Supplement?

Ans.2  There are certain things before choosing the multi-mineral  for yourself,  it includes:
•    Choose the supplement that contains more than two minerals or vitamins rather than the supplement that contains only one vitamin or mineral.
•    Don’t buy supplements that have expired or will expire before you can finish them.
•    If you are allergic to some specific foods, you should read all the ingredients before you buy the supplement.
•    Always check if the selected brand has a reputation or not as there are many harmful products in the market.

Q.3 How to Prevent Multi Mineral Deficiency?

Ans.3 1. Consume a well-balanced diet and if you’re allergic to some necessary food e.g. milk, take multi-minerals to fulfill the vitamins and minerals present in that food.
2.    Consumption of mineral supplements after the age of 50 is good for you as at this age our body becomes unable to absorb some specific mineral or vitamin from food.

Q.4 Can we take more than Recommend Dosage?

Ans.4  Excess of anything is always harmful. So, don’t take more than the recommended quantity. It may affect your health negatively. 

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