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Immunity Booster Supplements






What is the Immune System?

The immune system is our body’s protection system against diseases and harmful elements. It works through our entire body from Cells to muscles it keeps all away from illness. The immune system is also responsible for the elimination of dead or abnormal cells from the body. But due to our current lifestyle including lack of quality sleep, Unhealthy diet, General Body routines, Stress, Environment issues, etc. Our immune system is facing serious damage. Our Body may need external help to strongly boost the functioning of our immune system. To fulfill these needs, Immunity Booster Supplements came in hand.

Immunity Booster Supplements

These are the supplements that make your immune system stronger by improving its overall functioning. Immunity Supplements often contain Minerals, Fish Oil, Vitamins, and Glutamine. Immunity booster supplements if taken with a healthy diet and workouts increase our immunity level at a rapid rate.

Need for Immunity Booster Supplements

As the world is suffering from life-threatening pandemics, a healthy immune system is crucial for all human beings. It is our body’s defense system against harmful bacteria, viruses, diseases, etc. A strong Immune system also allows us to recover fast from any disease and gives us the energy to work for longer periods. Stronger will be our immune system, safer we will be. There are various other ways to increase immunity but supplements are the easiest and convenient way to boost immunity.

What are the signs of a weak immune system?

  • Problems in Digestion
  • High-Stress Levels
  • Feeling Sluggish all the time
  • Slow Healing of Wounds
  • Having Cold usually

Benefits of Immunity Boosters:

Following are the benefits of consuming our Detommune Immunity Booster:

1. Improves Digestion:

More than half of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. It also includes beneficial bacteria which protect us from viruses and infections. Immunity Booster supplement enhances our digestive system by protecting us from diarrhea, constipation, and other stomach issues.

2. Protection from cold and cough:

It is common to get cold or cough in winters. Immunity boosters help our body to develop antibodies to fight germs, harmful bacteria, etc.

3. Reduce Stress level:

White Blood Cells (WBC) in our body are responsible for fighting infection and germs. An increase in stress levels in our body reduces the number of white blood cells which further affects our immunity. Immunity boosters increase WBC’s and reduce stress levels that will ultimately enhance your immune system.

4. Fast Healing:

After an injury or a cut, our skin goes into damage control mode. It sends nutrition-rich blood to the wound to regenerate skin cells. If our immunity levels are low then it may take a long time to heal. So, immunity Boosters provide support in the regeneration of skin cells.

How to Consume Detommune Capsules:

Two Capsules in a day one in the morning and one in the evening with meals would be good for Adults
One Capsule in a day is fine for children in-between ages of 10-18.

Why buy immunity boosters from DetoNutrition:

Our Immunity Booster contains all the essential vitamins required for a stronger Immune system. Moreover, our Detommune immunity booster doesn’t have any harmful preservatives in it. It is enriched with Vitamin C Which is one of the important elements for a strong immune system.


Q.1 Which Vitamins are good for boosting the Immune system?

Ans.1 Although, all vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C, D, and E are helpful in increasing immunity there are 3 vitamins that are responsible for a strong immune system in every human being. These are Vitamin C, B6, and E.

Vitamin C:

It is a very crucial immunity booster of all. Anyone with a lack of Vitamin C is more susceptible to infection and diseases. Some great sources of Vitamin C are Ocimum Sanctum(tulsi), Emblica Officinalis(Amla), Azadirachta Indica(Neem), etc.

Vitamin B6:

It is responsible for biochemical reactions that occur in the immune system. Ocimum Sanctum (Tulsi) and Piper Nigrum (black pepper) present in Detommune – immunity supplement has ample vitamin B6.

Vitamin E:

Due to its antioxidant properties it is helpful in fighting germs and infections in the body. You can get Vitamin E from Azadirachta Indica(Neem), Nuts, and Seeds.

Q.2 Along with Immunity supplements what other things should I do to Boost Immunity?

Ans.2: Things to do to increase immunity

Along with the consumption of immunity booster following are the things that can act as a great immunity booster for you.

1. Healthy Diet:

Healthy Food is a natural immune booster. Always consume protein and vitamin-rich foods. Fresh fruits and green leafy vegetables are good sources of proteins and vitamins.

2. Avoid Smoking:

Although Smoking has many harmful effects, it also has a negative impact on our immune system. Avoiding it will increase your immunity level.

3. Don’t take too much stress:

Taking stress is not in our control but elevated levels of stress increase the ‘cortisol’ levels in your body. High Cortisol level prevents the immune system from doing its work.

4. Get Enough Sleep:

Sleeping is one of the most important factors for good health. As our body heals physically or mentally when we sleep. If we don’t get enough sleep our healing process may interrupt which will affect our immune system badly. So, it is recommended to sleep at least 8 hours for good health.

5. Regular Exercise:

Daily workout supports us in obesity problems, Control Diabetes, Reduce stress, and keeps our body active. Exercise makes our immune system stronger.

Q.3 How much time immunity booster will take to increase immunity?

Ans.3 There aren’t any methods to increase immunity overnight. It is an ongoing process and will take some time to raise your immunity levels. Consumption of Immunity supplements with a healthy diet will boost the process.


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