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Obesity has become one of the complex diseases as it gives birth to other diseases. The good thing is People are now aware of its adverse effects and trying hard to burn excessive fat from their bodies. There are a lot of ways of burning fat out of which Consuming Fat burner Supplements is one. Most people are taking these supplements to achieve their dream physique.

Fatburner Supplements increase the metabolic rate in our body which in turn boosts the digestion process and hence increases the calorie burn rate. Elements present in these supplements enhance the breakdown of fats and use them as energy for the body. Caffeine is the most common element used in these supplements. These supplements come in many forms like Capsules, Pills, Powder, Drinks, etc.

Need of Fat Burners:

The presence of excess fat in our body makes us lethargic and increases the risk of many fatal diseases such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Stroke, etc. People usually do workouts for the fat burn but it takes so much time to lose fat with workouts alone. So, to perform a rapid fat loss people use Fat burn Supplements. Fat burner supplements are also popular among Bodybuilders and Athletes. These are suitable for every age group.

Types of Fat Burners:

It is necessary to know about Fatburn Supplements before adding these to your diet. As there are many types of fat burners with different functioning. The common ones are as follows:

1. Thermogenic Fat Burners:

The most commonly used fat burner used by people is Thermogenic Fat Burner. These supplements contain both herbal and non-herbal ingredients. The working principle of these supplements is to increase the metabolic rate and internal temperature of your body which in turn provides more energy to your body and increases calorie burn rate. Caffeine is the key element in these kinds of supplements. Caffeine helps in burning fat even when you are at rest.

2. Carb Blockers:

Another common type of fat burner is Carb Blockers. Carbohydrates considered an obstacle in weight loss regimes. The purpose of carb blockers is to block calories present in carbohydrates. Carb Blockers resist the enzymes responsible for the digestion of carbohydrates and pass them directly through the system. However, researchers have also found that carb blockers are unable to completely block added sugars present in processed foods. That’s why carb blockers are not considered best for weight loss.

3. Appetite Suppressants:

The key Function of these fat burners is to reduce our appetite and prevent us from overeating. Appetite Suppressants maintain the level of ghrelin and leptin chemicals which are responsible for hunger control. Reduced Appetite will result in low-calorie intake thus enhance weight loss. It is true that these supplements help in weight loss but we don’t suggest people take appetite suppressants as some studies show that these supplements have side effects such as Cough, Dizziness, Increased Blood Pressure, and sometimes Insomnia.

4. Stimulant-Free:

As the name suggests this fat burner doesn’t contain stimulant such as Caffeine, etc in it. These also don’t affect our adrenaline levels and provide continuous energy without any energy crash. These work by boosting metabolism and the fat burn process naturally.

5. Fat Blockers:

They work like Carb Blockers as they block harmful fat from being enter into the body. But the problem is that sometimes they can block important nutrients as well.

Benefits of Fat Burners:

  • Controls Appetite:

    Overeating is the main factor that creates trouble in your weight loss diet. There are many people who work out every day intensively but fail to lose weight, the reason is simple they consume more calories than they burn. Fat Burner Supplements has ingredients that reduce one’s appetite. They help you to get rid of food cravings and less calorie intake while keeping you energetic.

  • Boosts Metabolism:

    Strong Digestive system stimulates rapid fat burn. Intake of Fat loss supplements enhances the metabolic rate of our body that results in fast digestion and calorie burn rate hence supports the weight loss process.

  • Improves Energy Levels:

    Fast absorption of nutrients and proteins will also provide more energy to your body than usual. This increase in energy helps you to perform better during the workout which in turn increases calorie burn rate. High energy levels increase our endurance and help us to stay focused all the time.

Things to remember before Buying Fat Burn Supplements:

Due to their increased popularity nowadays, Fat Burner supplements come in numerous variations and brands. People often confuse when buying a supplement for their own. Here are some key tips which may help you while buying health supplements.

  • Always check the ingredients on the back of the label of any fat loss product. If it contains any ingredient that you are allergic to, leave it, or first consult your doctor.
  • Avoid supplements having additives like preservatives, chemicals, etc. There are a lot more brands like Detonutrition that make their products without any harmful additives, buy from them.
  • The market is full of fake brands or supplements that may damage your health. Always check if the product has gone through quality tests or if a brand has a reputation or not.

Why Buy From Us:

Detonutrition has been manufacturing nutritional supplements for many years. Our Products are safe to consume as they are made up of Medicinal herbs and don’t contain any preservative or harmful chemical. Another reason to buy it from Detonutrition is that every product first goes through the quality test and then served to the customers. This is the reason why many IFBB pros and Athletes recommend us.


Q.1 What are Body Types and How they Affect weight loss?

Ans.1 There are three body types on the basis of which our body reacts to certain training and diet

  • Ectomorph:

    People with this body type have a fast metabolic rate therefore calorie burn rate is also high in these people. Hence it is difficult for them to build fat and muscle. They have a long and lean body. They are often called “hard gainers”.

  • Endomorph:

    Individuals with this body type have low metabolism due to which they can easily gain weight and muscles. They have a wide body and slow metabolism.

  • Mesomorph:

    People with this body type have a natural tendency to be both lean and muscular. Their body is the same as Athletes. They can easily maintain their physique.

Q.2 Can I take more than the recommended dosage?

Ans.2 Recommended Dosage is always well tested. Consuming more is not going to burn your fat quickly. In fact, it may damage your health. But if you want fast results you should take low-calorie high protein foods.

Q.3 Are these Supplements really work?

Ans.3 It depends on your workout regime if you are intaking supplements and consuming fast food while sitting on the couch, then you will gain nothing but weight because you are consuming more calories than burning. But if you are consuming a healthy diet with a regular workout then these supplements will surely be going to help.

Q.4 In how much time will I be able to see results after consuming your supplement?

Ans.4 Along with Supplements, If you are following a healthy diet with a regular workout you will certainly see results in 8-12 weeks.
Note: Results may vary from person to person depending upon body types.

Q.5 Why is it necessary to follow diet and workout routines while taking fat burn supplements? Can I only do Physical exercise for fat loss?

Ans.5 Well, You can also lose weight by doing only physical exercises but It is a very time-consuming process. On the other hand, ingredients present in fat loss supplements reduce calorie growth rate while maintaining appetite and provide energy to our body. Therefore, if you consume these supplements along with Physical exercises and diet, you will get amazing results in a short period of time.

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