A Powerful Fast Acting All in  One Complete Body Detoxification Formula

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A Powerful Fast Acting All in One Complete Body Detoxification Capsules.

Key features and benefits of Detomax capsules:

  • Detomax capsule is a strong liver detox, hence providing a strong liver support to fight against liver related problems.
  • Detomax capsule is a strong Antioxidant as well and works well as a powerful Anti-ageing supplement.
  • Regular use of Detomax capsule boosts immunity and prevents recurrent illness specifically due to change in seasons.
  • Detomax capsule helps cleansing blood hence, Regular use also imparts vitality and glow giving user a fresher younger look and a healthy acne, pimple free skin. It also relieves day to day stress and is safe on prolonged use.


Key ingredients of the formulation and its usage:

  • Rubia cordifolia (Blood purification, anti-oxidant, lymphatic support)
  • Embelica officinalis (Anti-oxidant, fat metabolism, stress buster)
  • Azadirachta indica (Blood purifier and detox)
  • Curcuma longa (Immunity booster, liver detox)
  • Tinospora cordifolia (Immuno modulator, supports kidney & liver function)
  • Phyllanthus urinaria (Liver detox, appetizer & digestive)


Recommended usage of Detomax capsules:

One capsule morning and evening after meal . To detox your body from harmful toxins, cleanse blood and body fluids by removing toxins generated in the body due to regular use of alcohol, drugs, steroids, pollutants, chronic illness etc. It is a powerful complete body detox capsules.