Detomax is to clean, clear and cleanse impurities from blood, liver, lungs, lymph, intestines, kidneys and skin, so that our organs are rejuvenated for optimum performance.
We are living in a world where toxic chemicals both naturally and made often get into our body as we may
Inhale them in the form of environmental pollution, dust, smoke etc.

Swallow them in form of contaminated food, fruits, vegetables, water and juices or absorb thru skin. They get accumulated in our body as metabolic waste.

Other factors responsible are like regular consumption of alcohol, tea, coffee, medicines, smoking, junk foods, steroids etc.
You may yourself judge if your body is experiencing metabolic waste overload. Check if you experience one or more of the following:

-Fatigue –joint pains –headaches –flatulence –constipation –acnes’ –skin rashes and recurrent skin problems –finding difficult to lose fat and weight –poor body immunity –recurrent allergies , sore throat, cough and respiratory congestions.
Yes Detomax is safe on prolonged use because of the following reasons

  • Formulation is made from synergistic ingredients using specific dose strength to provide desired results in recommended indications.
  • Formulation is made form analytically tested herbal extracts using modern technology to ensure consistent results every time.
  • Therapeutic response compares well with corresponding synthetic drugs and offer additional natural safety and acceptability of herbal ingredients
Toxins are accumulated metabolic waste in our body. Gyming increases total body metabolism in process of toning up our body, muscles, lungs, heart etc. These toxins are eliminated naturally slowly through our body. DETOMAX facilitates quick removal of these toxins and optimize working of our liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and cleanse blood and skin.
Corporate job is known to be full of stress, a major cause of release of toxins in our body, affecting our vital organs to perform below par. DETOMAX morning and evening cleans and clears toxins from our vital organs and refreshes them.
As we progress in age our metabolism gets a bit slow down, leading to accumulation of toxins in our vital organs liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive system. Blood and lymphatic system are engaged in removal of these toxins. But they are not able to clear them as effectively and hence the morning fatigue. Your wife is right in suggesting you this because she must have benefited from DETOMAX and understands the value of preventive healthcare. It is worth trying at least for a month.
Weight loss depends upon many factors. DETOMAX though directly is not involved in weight loss but will facilitates your efforts by cleansing your vital organs, improving your metabolism and finally helping in your weight loss.
You are not sure rightly so. Recurring acnes and pimples are irritating. DETOMAX has optimum quantity of purified and concentrated ingredients such as Rubia cordifolia, Azadirachta indica, Curcuma longa. These ingredients have proven efficacy in such skin problems since time immemorial as they work on the root cause of these problem. Blood, lymph fluid and skin is detoxified leading to pimple and acne free glowing skin. It is worth using regularly for at least three months.
You have not mentioned your age. Any way superskin will definitely help as not only it has a strong antibacterial and antifungal effect it also clears toxins, root cause of your recurrent misery from your blood. It is very difficult to claim permanent cure for skin ailments but since superskin works on route cause and hence should be able to provide fairly prolonged relief. Please ensure to take regularly for at least eight weeks.
Superskin improves digestion, detoxifies blood, protects and stimulates liver and facilitates production of RBC’s. All these factors lead to a healthy skin, mind and body.
At your age it is a major problem among boys and girls as they are going through important hormonal changes as well. There are many factors to this problem. Superskin as a matter of fact works on root cause of acne and pimples as it purifies blood and maintains reasonable antibacterial levels to treat and prevent recurrent skin problems.
Apprehension is one of the major reason of erectile dysfunction as well as premature ejaculation. DETO CALM calms down nerves relaxes mind and body, infuses confidence leading to wonderful performance. We recommend it to taken an hour before such activity.
A state of apprehension whilst undertaking an activity that is very important to us or a lurking fear of failure in our mind leads to our below par performance.
Absolutely right. Regular use of DETO CALM two capsules at bedtime for 8 to twelve weeks will be very useful. You don’t have to take it in the morning. Once at night every day is enough.
Off course, yes. Only caution is for pregnant and lactating women.
your problem can be on account of very many factors. Most of the reasons for your problem can be solved with the use of lactax capsule. Regular use for about twelve weeks with facilitate development of mammary glands and surrounding muscles. You will feel energetic and enjoy a well toned strong body. Regarding recurrent acne, it can again happen due to many factors. I will suggest you take two capsules of super skin along with lactax for about twelve weeks. I am confident that both your problems will be solved and you will enjoy a healthy glowing skin.
First of all it will improve your lactation and secondly you will have a firm and well toned breast within few weeks. You will also feel rejuvenated vigor and vitality in your reproductive organs. I am sure that you will experience revitalized youthful enthusiasm in a very short period.
Very much true. Lactax being rich source of phyto estrogens and harmonizer of female hormones lubricates dry membranes, infuses youthful energy, relieves stress. All these changes lead to improved libido and cheerful mind and rejuvenated body functions. Do give it a try.
It implies wide range of age group that can use this product. Since it rejuvenates and builds up strong body muscles and a stress free mind and also safe on prolonged use. It turns out to be a very good companion of eves in all wakes of life. It is a exclusive tribute to the eve of today.
No. it is not ment to prevent or treat acne. You can use superskin capsules for that.